Prozac/Quetiapine/Pregabalin - experiences/opinions?

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Prozac/Quetiapine/Pregabalin - experiences/opinions?

Hi - I'm a newbie and really glad to be part of this programme :-). Hoping this method will help me as it has helped so many of you already.

My doctor recently put me back on Prozac as apparently it's been quite successful helping with ED recovery and my bulimia has got a whole lot worse (I did try this anti dep. a while ago and experienced some nasty side effects). Well I'm 3 months into taking it and I know it's no 'magic pill' - take this and all will be cured! However, have any of you had any positive/negative experiences in the drug specifically in helping with your Bulimia recovery? I am debating as to whether to continue taking it. I also take Quetiapine as I've been diagnosed with Borderline PD and pregabalin (Lyrica) for anxiety. I would love to not be taking any medication but I don't want anything to get any worse if that makes sense? Scared of making a wrong decision.

Anyway, any experiences taking these meds in conjunction with Bulimia recovery would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance






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