Prunes vs Laxatives.

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Prunes vs Laxatives.

Okay so I've been reading everywhere that prunes are really good for you and that they can even help with weight loss, over eating and binging. I've never had them before but I also dont go to the bathroom much (tmi!) but I heard they helped with that also. So are they just like laxatives but just better for you?

Because I need some laxative type thing because I dont go much. I’m not gonna lie, but sometimes i do get addicted to things, or even if i’m not, i feel like i could easily get addicted, i guess it’s a pisces thing haha! so i’m pretty positive that if i did have laxatives around, i would abuse them, that’s the honest truth, so i guess it’s best if i didn’t have them around because i already know that i would overuse them. so i’m going to stick with prunes, way better for you <3

has anyone had any positive results with either weight loss, going to the bathroom, overeating or binging with prunes?

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prunes are indeed very good

prunes are indeed very good for keeping you regular! just be careful not to overeat on them or bring on a bp session with them.

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Heard prune juice was very

Heard prune juice was very good for you and really helps gets you regular. I hardly ever go to the bathroom (tmi too) maybe once a week. I bought prune juice once, but didn't take it consistently so I didn’t really see results. The one thing about prune juice is it is a gross color like purpley brown and smells bad. Plus the juice I got was quite high in cals and sugar so that’s something to watch out for.
I would recommend prunes over laxatives though, I’d think prunes are much healthier and a safer route.


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I have never gotten into the

I have never gotten into the laxative thing...I guess I thought that was too gross, although puking your guts out is pretty darn disgusting too! I have found a couple things that are VERY helpful in aiding with digestion. The best thing is a tea you can buy in any grocery store (here in the US) called "Smooth Move" Its made by a company called Traditional Medicinals. It is kind of like a laxative tea, but not something you can abuse by over doing it. One cup of the tea really gets things moving and is perfect for helping with digestion when your body is too backed up in the recovery process. Yes, prunes are good too. I buy the 60 calorie packs and eat then for a healthy snack and I do thing it works to keep the digestive system working.

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but all fruit and veg are

but all fruit and veg are good for keeping you regular. not just prunes....
and drinking plenty of water too. or you can get those fibre drinks which you add water to.
but also remember that too much fibre is a bad thing and can give you dreadful IBS symptoms...

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