Purging without binging?

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Purging without binging?

I have just joined and have been working on cutting down and avoiding binges. A lot of the advice on these pages has been really helpful. Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid purging just normal amounts of food though? By that I mean freaking out after a planned meal or snack. I realize a lot of the strategies will be the same - keeping busy, going out, relaxation etc - but I worry that this could become a major problem. Even if i can avoid binging, I can't avoid eating. I used to suffer from anorexia a number of years ago. Scared of going back there. Any advice at all would be really great.

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eat hust before you have to

eat hust before you have to go out then you cant purge it on the go can you?
hope it helps

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I too purge without bindge.

I too purge without bindge. Any advice would be very much appriciated. Im stuck in a cycle of eating hardly anything yet still purging. :-(


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Hey Bethan I really encourage

Hey Bethan

I really encourage u to begin structured/guided eating. This means that you need to eat every 2-3 hours. What i'm hearing from u is your fear of gaining weight. However, if you continue in this cycle, you will gain weight. The body is smarter than you think. It will begin to hold onto everything you eat when you continue to purge. It doesn't matter if it is a celery stalk or a whole chocolate cake. What happens to your body when you continue to purge is that you have put it into starvation mode and it will hold everything because it believes it's starving, which in your case it truly is. I am a personal trainer/life coach and will be studying to get my certification in nutrition very soon. I am finally recovered from bulimia. It is a about making the hard choice to give up the b/p. Which for so many of us has been a friend, so we think or in my case thought. We feel it is something we can control, but really we are giving the ED the control. Eating 2-3 x a day, exercising normally 3-5x a week and practicing mindfulness is the balance to create harmony in our lives. However, we all need to be ready to hear this and put it into action. I will be 48 yrs old in Oct. and have been battling this for over 20 years. I wish i would have had the support from such a loving, compassionate community as this when i was your age, i may not have had to struggle so long.

Please love yourself enough to stop the cycle. YOU are soooo worth it!

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I do not binge I eat regular

I do not binge I eat regular amounts starting to excercise daily my food comes up after i eat wanting to get rid of food even though it is healthy... i eat a regular portion of food

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You can try eating oats which

You can try eating oats which is supposed to be a "negative calorie" food. That way you wont feel as guilty eating. Heres a lovely recipe http://pennydelossantos.wordpress.com/
A sachet of Quaker oats is less than 100 calories.

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