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quitting coffee

i'm finding my insomnia and difficulties with sleep are leading to cravings, binges, sugar addictions through the roof!

so i think this month i need to make it my March goal to really get off the caffeine. too bad this has NEVER been successful with me! but i'm thinking i need to find something to replace the coffee. it's that ritual that i like, and the feeling of having my coffee is a kind of security blanket. moreover i think that coffee is the only way to have energy and keep myself awake during the day. but maybe there are better, healthier ways.

in any case i'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Go De-Caff! Then you don't

Go De-Caff! Then you don't need to sacrifice the Coffee expierence.
Plus following a healthy diet as best as you can so that will provide you with plenty of vitamins and minerals for optimum energy throughout the day.
If your still flagging then take a vitamin supplement such as Vitamin B12 or Iron to give you an extra energy boost.

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It might not be the coffee! I

It might not be the coffee!
I have had periods when I cannot sleep. Those are closely linked to how much I binge and purge. If you are hungry your body can't relax. If you have binged like a crazy person your body can't relax either.
Balanced food and exercise often fix the sleep.
Alas, I sometimes take half a pill of St. John's wort which you can get without prescription. It helps me relax.

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I looove coffee. espeacially

I looove coffee. espeacially in the morning. even though I drink too much coffee (eg. while studying), I dont want to quit for good. I suggest drinking one cup in the morning. take your time and really enjoy it. in the evening, maybe you could drink tea with st. john´s or other relaxing ingredients.
if you feel like you have no energy during the day, have your tyroid checked. i have hypothyroidism and have to take homones.

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