Rampage of appreciation for my recovery

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Rampage of appreciation for my recovery

Hi, my name is Lucy and I am 32 years old. I have had bulimia for seventeen years and I am excited about my recovery. I am really proud of my courage to reach out for help and the actions I have taken to create a wonderful life for myself.

I am proud of myself for my courage as a child to endure severe abuse for the sake of my family, and I love and have compassion for why I developed anorexia at age 15, and then bulimia at seventeen.

I am grateful for anorexia and bulimia for teaching me to love and trust myself, and for sending me signs of when I need to listen to my intuition and care for myself better. I am grateful for this disease for teaching me so much about life that I would not otherwise know. This illness has made me a kinder, more compassionate, more accepting, wiser, more appreciative woman, a better friend, a better wife, and a better daughter.

I know that in the past I was always doing the best I could with what I knew and I feel no shame for having suffered or harmed myself for the years in which I was anorexic and bulimic. I know that there was always a higher part of myself watching over me, loving me, supporting me, and unconditionally accepting me as the beautiful soul I am.

I am grateful to this community, to Ali my coach, and I am grateful that I have attracted this forum to me. I am grateful that I am coming into alignment with my well being, which is my birthright, and moving forward into the unlimited life which knows no boundaries.

Welcome, friends!


There is nothing that we cannot be or do or have :)

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Oh wow! What a beautiful and

Oh wow! What a beautiful and positive post :) that has made my morning. I feel really inspired by that Lucy, thank you for sharing!!

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