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re discovering

its the begining of day four for me, i have really been making a conscious effort in putting my recovery first. i have spent most the weekend at my boyfriends house, and instead of skipping meals and waiting till i get extreme hunger pains that usually triggers me to leave in a frenzy drive to the supermarket and start a b/p episode that would last upto 4 hours, i have been saying "lets go get lunch and last night i brought dinne and snacks with me, which was just crackers and dip and cups of noodles for dinner. but this morning i came home and had smoked salmon and cheese and spinach on toast. and im fine.
i have also been rediscovering how much i really care for my bf, hes becoming an big part of my recovering and he has no idea. i feel so excited for our future together. i was very confident and happy and energetic when we first got together before bulimia took over my life agian.
today i am also doing something i havent done in along time because i guess i had been running so much in the mornings i was leaving myself exhausted for the rest of the day.and having no free time beacause of b/p sessions. i am taking his dog for a walk down the beach. something so small but i am really looking forward to it. thanks for your comments on my other post. it feels so good to have your support







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