ready to take the 1st step I think

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ready to take the 1st step I think

Hi, Im new on here and am looking for support in taking the steps to rid my ED. Ive had anorexia and bulimia for the last 10 years, have tried treatment programmes so many times before but never really felt I was ready. Im due to go back into treatment in May and really want to give it my best shot. This ED makes my life so miserable and unbearable at times. I would love to hear from others who are taking the positive step forward and if you have any suggestions to help me.
Speak soon xxx

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welcome! my time with anorexia and bulimia is as long as yours..10 years. it is hard to read some of the posts of the people who have had it for only a yr, or two because 1. I feel like a hopeless case for struggling with it for so long 2. I hope they won't have to. i suppose the best words i can share with you are that you are not alone with this struggle, and do not be hard on yourself. everyone on the planet has a problem and this is our particular struggle. we do our best to learn and grow and develop a faith that things can change with each new sunrise. sometimes we slip and fall, other times we soar. we dance with the disease and learn grace and forgiveneness in it. i am here if you need to chat and applaude your attempts at honesty and recovery.

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