Reasons not to purge

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Reasons not to purge

I'm really struggling not to do this right now.

Reasons not to Purge?

=Purging by self induced vomiting can expel some calories, however around 1,200 are retained by the body (Kaye et al.,1993).

=wreck your digestive system

=face looks fat - that's what people look at first so you'll seem fat.

=perpetuating the cycle

oh I'm struggling to believe myself though =/

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Not sure what you mean by

Not sure what you mean by your face looks fat. In fact you will be glad when you are older if your face is a little chubby when you are young. Thin faces wrinkle way worse than a plumb one. Cherish those chubby cheeks.

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I think what she means is

I think what she means is that your face gets puffy, therefore fat. Something that can occur with bulimia is parotitis. It's the inflammation of the parotid gland and those glands are under your cheeks.

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For me, my face gets so

For me, my face gets so swollen sometimes I look like I have mumps!


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I feel like monster when my

I feel like monster when my parotid glands swell up. It's really distressing and makes recovery more difficult. I tend to hide behind my hair during these time. BUT seeing my face start to normalize is a real motivator to get better.

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dlib I think I need to tattoo

dlib I think I need to tattoo your list onto my palm! Great way to motivate yourself not to purge:)

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