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Recovery buddy?


My environment at home isn't the best place for this eating disorder.... I'm 21 and have been going through this for almost 3 years; I'm determined to stop this and it would be helpful to find someone who is going through the same thing.

I wouldn't mind being texting buddies, or even keeping in touch over facebook!

~Vanessa :)

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Hi Vanessa, need a recover

Hi Vanessa,
need a recover buddy too. I have a great situation at home in a way, but its really not ideal for recovery either. I've been more successful living on my own and being able to control what food comes into the house, but then of course I'm alone in the evenings, which definitely gets lonely, and is much easier to b/p. Where do you live? I'm on facebook... look for Sarah Hellen Green. My profile pic is from behind me. I'm wearing a pink shirt. I'd exchange #'s for texting too, if you live in N America. I live in Canada.


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Hi there, I also feel that I

Hi there,

I also feel that I could use a recovery buddy. My fiancee works 14-18 hour days because eh owns his own business.. and its just me, myself and the dog pretty much all day. I just moved to a new state, and havent really been able to make too many friends. I seem to have a bad track record of making and keeping friends, I have been like this my whole life. I think its a common issue with ed patients, i have many many acquaintances, but it seems like when someone gets close I kind of push them away. I don't really have any long term friends. I have been working hard to change that in the last year but moving in September kind of ended the new girl friend relationships I was starting to make. Look me up on Facebook if either or you would like, and I live in Newport News Virginia, very close to VA beach. Samantha Terepka, I should be the only one.. lol.

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