Recovery headaches and fatigue?

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Recovery headaches and fatigue?

I've only manage to be b/p for 4 days which is amazing in itself. But I've been having terrible headaches and dizziness. I'm still so tired and not sure why? I thought I would start feeling a little bit better. I try my best to eat my healthy foods and do SE. But I'm still exhausted, no energy at all. Please help. Any advice?


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From what you wrote it seems

From what you wrote it seems to me that maybe you need to eat more food or the right food. I mean, like the method suggests, proteing, carb and fat. Make sure you include them all on your main meals, and try to sleep better and rest more.
In the first few weeks of my recovery I felt the same way, and it was very hard until I realized I wasnñt really eating enough food because of the fear of gaining weight.
I hope this helps!!!
But I think that if your fatigue persists, and the headaches, you should see a doctor, just in case.


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Hi :) When I first started

Hi :) When I first started following SE I felt very similar... I was so exhausted and had the worse headache! Eventually it lessened and disappeared but it might have taken a week or two. You really have to make sure you are eating enough though so I'm going to agree with what runnerspirit has said above! It might feel like you are eating enough but we really need to ensure that we are because for so long we have been restricting. You are doing great! Sending you loads of support!

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