Recovery Pains!

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Recovery Pains!

Okay, so now I am at that 1 week plus mark, which I've been at before, but forgotten how sucky my body feels. What I mean is that my tummy is bloated, and I have nausea, dizziness when I get up quickly, constipation at times, headaches, gassy, water retention.... just bad-ness.
I take vitamins, eat yogurt, and healthy regularly.

Anyone relate?
When did you start getting these symptoms in recovery?
How long for them to go away?
Any ideas for relief!?!?!

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Yip, i got all of those...

Yip, i got all of those... You just gotta give it time. I don't have any real solutions, there were days i just sat on the couch playing Snake on my cellphone until the feelings passed... It helped to talk to myself, tell myself exactly what i was feeling in my body and then explain to myself why i was feeling that (hope that makes sense). Yoga also helped a lot because i could do it at home and it takes up time and focuses your mind on something else.

The worst of the symptoms were gone in about 2 weeks... i know it feels like forever, but you can get through this. ... and when you do, don't forget how shitty it was - that was one of my main motivations for not b/ping again - i couldn't bear to have to go through those recovery pains again!

'I will not choose not to be'

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I wish I could give some tips

I wish I could give some tips on how to stop all of that... The best advice I have is to just make sure you do something that makes you feel good about yourself every day. Paint your nails, go tanning, buy a cute outfit, light work outs (sometimes just walking even makes me feel better). It's distracting, and it helped me to feel a little better when I felt so low and disgusting. And I agree with Liza... give it about two weeks. You'll feel better. Good luck :)


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I had them too

The beginning is really hard, but it gets better with time. I gained weight even eating normally and it scared me. Stick to your plan and you see that is gets easier and easier with time!


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