Reduced gag reflex as a result of throwing up food

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Reduced gag reflex as a result of throwing up food

Hi I was just wondering how many of you have a reduced gag reflex as a result of throwing up food all the time ? I know its different for everyone as some people find the more they do it the easier it gets but I am finding it harder each time to throw up. My gag relfex just doesnt want to work anymore anyone else have this problem ? Would appreciate some comments on this. thanks :) Sarah x

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hey :) uhm,

sometimes it depends WHAT it is you're throwing up. i find it much harder to be sick when i've eaten things like chocolate and most other treats where as cereal is SO much easier! remember though, you don't WANT it to work because you DON'T want to make youself sick :) i just wish i had a wee wand to make everyone better. goodluck with recovery! xxx

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dude, it totally depends for

dude, it totally depends for me too. like some things come up so easy. but i tend to binge on a lot of peanut butter and chocolate. and that takes for ever to come up. it hurts like hell. and most of the time i can only get half back. it's so gross. i keep hoping the fact that i can seem to get rid of it will stop me from binging on it, but nooooo....

but yeah, i seriously think mine have been getting worse too! i guess that's a good thing though. maybe it will be one more push in the right direction for me.


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i find its getting a lot

i find its getting a lot harder sorry for saying this but once i only had to slightly touch the back of my throat to throw up. Now i practically swallow my own hand,.

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It was getting a lot harder

It was getting a lot harder for me, to the point that nothing would come up, Now I don't even have to gag myself, just bend over, so it can keep changing; don't know why.

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It depends for me...

It is hard to me to make myself sick anymore, but when my and my husband were standing there brushing our teeth I threw up just from the toothpaste! Another problem I have had is when I have draining from a sinus infection I can throw up from nothing! Its pretty nasty.

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It definetely got harder for

It definetely got harder for me, but yeah also depends what it is you're throwing up, but we should see getting harder as a good thing no? But then at times I get these acid reflux and it feels like it's all gonna come out on it's own... I've been three weeks b/p free now, and this last week I've been sick, so the other day I drank this salt water solution that was supposed to help my stomach, and I threw it up "naturally" I mean I dind't self induce anything I was just plain old, normally sick.. That hasn't happened in a LONG time!!

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let's work on not needing to

let's work on not needing to test this theory guys!!

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To the above comment your soo

To the above comment your soo right !!! We should be focusing on getting healthy. I feel bad about posting it now. I hope I havent triggered anyone............

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