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My doc just gave me Reglan for delayed stomach emptying or gastroparesis. I just read over the side effects and one is some sort of irreversible facial muscle movement thing. My doctor never mentioned it and didn't hesitate to prescribe it. The pharmacist didn't say anything either. Should I be concerned? Has anyone taken this med before? I guess it comes down to does the benefit outweigh the risk.

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Just noticed that you were

Just noticed that you were put on reglan. I'm a nutritionist who works in a hospital as a lactation counstant. - babies are put on reglan for reflux commonly so I'm not sure about the side effect that you mentioned but breast feeding moms are also put on that to help increase their milk supply. A side effect is depression. Which doctor put you on reglan? Was that you md or counselor. Do you have reflux? It does help with gastric emptying but did they put you on it for bullimia? Did they also put you on an antidepressant? I don't want to make you confused about your meds. I'm on lexapro and my husband is on 3 antidepressants. I just want to make sure you ask your doctor and feel comfortable with what you are in. Keep strong!


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