Relationship problems exacebate bingeing

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Relationship problems exacebate bingeing

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Hi elissa, I get what you are

Hi elissa,

I get what you are saying completely! I have been with my hubby for 17.5 years & am very sad about the way our relationship is at the moment, I drink to escape my sadness too.

Your situation sounds so so hard, I cant imagine being in your shoes. I have 2 girls & its difficult enough when they are our children.

I have no advice to give you other than if you can be happy & live a fulfilling life on your own then someone will most likely come into your life through one of your interests, but you need to be active. I think you look lovely from the profile pic & I dont suppose you are attempting to pull ashton kutcher....but I may be wrong :P

This will work out lovely, one way or another. It could simply be opening up new lines of communication & being honest & seeing where it leads, there must have been things that you really like about your partner otherwise you wouldnt have begun the relationship? Its going to take strength & its going to take facing our fears (esp for me of being alone - weve lived together since I was 19 from new year in 1997).

Sending masses of love & hugs

Jo xxxxx


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Hello Dear Elissa! Here is my

Hello Dear Elissa!

Here is my advise to you: step 1 QUIT ALCOHOL. And yes im absolutely serious about it. I completely understand you, being a recovered alcoholic myself. There is probably not much you can do to control your eating when you are drinking, and alcohol transforms reality more than we admit, its not only if you get drunk, its the big emptiness and sorrow within yourself that makes you see all the wrongs in others. Ok, Im not saying your husband is perfect, maybe he isnt even right for you, but before you decide that you need to be 100% sober and have a clear mind. You need to feel good about your progress and admit its a hard work to fix oneself. Are you ready to quit drinking and start being AWARE??
Sending you a big hug and all my support,



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