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Does anyone else find it really difficult to start/maintain a romantic relationship? I feel like it is really hard for me to "open up" to people and connect emotionally. I constantly feel like I am being a fake person, with so many years of burying my issues with food and making sure everything appears great to the outside world. On the rare occasion I'm in a relationship it only lasts a month or two before I feel like I am suffocating and just need to be alone!

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Hi Julianne. Oh, yes, I can

Hi Julianne. Oh, yes, I can so relate to this. I have so many issues in this area. There's the need for my privacy and my routine - my routine keeps me safe. And that means a lot of time alone. Then there's the body issues of being naked when I'm so unhappy about my body. Then there is the disclosure stuff about the ED - when do you tell someone? And there's all the food/cooking/eating out can of worms. Do you cook for them, do you choose where you eat? Or do you allow them to? MD x

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