relieving the bloat???

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relieving the bloat???

OH MY GOD the bloat is excrutiating!!! My stomach is so disdended and sore. Any one got any tips to help reduce the pain???? Any foods you can recommend which help? It just seems to last forever

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hey i have had it seriously

hey i have had it seriously so bad I honestly was more like eight months and ready to pop it was hard.
I no ur not suppose to diet so not recommending that but... If you eat meat i suggest u just eat protein... today i ate low fat yogurt... 200 grams fresh turkey from the deli for lunch... more yogurt and some sugarfree lollies and had chicken breast for dinner.... My tummy bloat is almost gone in one day..... seriously i will eat a few vegis for dinner tomoz but this seems to help.... and im not hungry x x It seems to help with water retention and i cant bare the bloat it makes me depressed and eat more

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Hi Mika. Oh yeah, I can feel

Hi Mika. Oh yeah, I can feel your pain. I'm 8 weeks into Structured Eating and I'm having terrible bloating and digestive issues. It led me straight into a slip last Thursday night - it was more to relieve the pain than anything. I am in an odd situation - I had a bacterial infection called C Diff (Kind of like having MRSA in your gut) for 7 months and that alone will take at least a year to heal. Add in the damage that I did with bulimia and I've got one sensitive gut, that's for sure. I had to restructure my SE plan around digestive friendly food and it has helped a lot. I got a lot of great advice here on this site (you can read these on my What Went Wrong blog). The following have been a godsend:
Whole Golden Flaxseeds soaked in water. I eat about 3 spoonfuls a day.
Kefir. I think it's really gross but it's wonderful for healing bellies - I mash up banana in it.
Fennel tea
Lactose free milk (I only put milk in my tea and I'm not sure if it's a problem but I switched to the Lactose free kind just to be on the safe side)
No raw veggies - cooked veggies only
Plain greek yogurt

These foods are easy on your tummy while helping to restore your gut flora. I realized I was actually eating too much fiber and that my digestive system just couldn't handle it. Even though I was eating enough I was having crazy hunger and binge urges and now that's gone away. And I no longer feel that someone is ripping my stomach out all day long - argh, the pain!!!! :-)

Hang in there sweetie, the only way out is through. Take care. Laura xx

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Eat sweet potatoes cooked

Eat sweet potatoes cooked really well, they're amazing to get things moving.

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