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Remuda Ranch

Has anyone here gotten treatment from Remuda ranch in Arizona? I am seriously considering going into a residential treatment facility. I live in California, but I don't think there are any good places here. I've heard mixed reviews about Remuda. If anyone has any experience from there, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks!

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One of my best friends has

One of my best friends has been there and was very happy with the program. The one I'm attending, Center for Change, is in Utah (no not because I'm Mormon..) but my therapist works very closely with co-morbid and complex ED's and CFC is on her top 3 list. I guess it really depends where you're at and what you're looking for specifically.

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Thanks for the info. I

Thanks for the info. I dietician I used to go to when I lived in Los Angeles highly recommended Remuda. I don't have insurance right now, I'm trying to raise the money to go. I'm hoping to go by the end of the year. Of course I need to raise a lot of money because inpatient is super expensive. I hope I'll be able to go, maybe take out a loan if I have to.

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Hi! I actually was at Remuda.

Hi! I actually was at Remuda. . . about a decade ago (yikes). It wasn't for me, but of course, everyone has different issues. The staff are very well meaning, but the therapists tended to want to talk about "issues" a lot. Exposure to Bulimia Help and some other sources has helped me finally say that my main issue was having dieted for so long! In my case, bulimia isn't about abuse issues or self-hate or inability to express anger. So at the Ranch, they had my parents come visit and go through all kinds of therapy. It didn't have anything to do with it, in my case, but it made me think maybe I was a little crazy. Or had issues I didn't know about.

I didn't have trouble sticking to inpatient treatment. I didn't always like it, but I could do as told. For me, and I would think for many bulimics, the problem has always been when I am left to make my own choices. And in some ways it can be unhealthy to be around so many other ED patients all the time. . . some have issues you may have moved past, etc. My stay was a really expensive and ineffective, but I know that some really benefit.

The other aspect to be aware of is that it is a Christian center and spirituality and prayer is integrated throughout. I am not Christian and it didn't really bother me, but it is important to know.

This is just my experience. I can see how inpatient treatment can be really helpful if you need to physically stabilize - if you need to gain a certain amount of weight, or deal with medical concerns or serious depression as you re-feed. So, just take this as one gal's opinion.

Oh, the horses and scenery - now that was pretty awesome! : )

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I was there just this summer.

I was there just this summer. I loved it! I was in the Outpatient program which was great. Everyone is so helpful and the psychologist and psychiatrists are awesome! There are I think 7 homes on a cul-de-sac and each house has room for 5-7 patients. You prep all of your meals, responsible for keeping things tidy and are responsible for going to all the meetings. The house keeper cleans once a week so you don’t have to scrub floors. It is a Christian based organization, but I did not feel it was over the top. They really know what they are doing but keep in mind you need to be there for you not because someone is saying you need to go.

It was good for me because it was just enough structure. There is a menu in place that must be followed but you are on your own for snacks. This is nice because you can choose what you like not what your told to have.

Over all, it was a great kick start to my recovery process. I was able to break the b/p cycle and focus on me, not my husband or my kiddos.

Best of luck to you!


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i was at Remuda earlier this

i was at Remuda earlier this year (feb-april) inpatient... not sure if you are still thinking of going there or have since made other arrangements but i would be happy to answer any questions! hope you are doing well!

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