Research about the influences media has on delvelopmental body image and self-portrayal.

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Research about the influences media has on delvelopmental body image and self-portrayal.

I'm currently doing an assignment for one of my psychology classes. We have to frequently
Post online discussions related to the topics that the instructor posts. Today's topic was on what we think about the media and it's influence on development. So since I needed to cite some valuable and factual information on my opinion, I came across the research study that was done on 9th graders. Not sure of any of you are interested in looking at it but I thought that it might be something that can help raise more awareness in negative thoughts and perceptions. I know that most of you, well probably everyone, already knows that the media is a factor in eating disorders. But this really just shows how our negative thoughts may not be entirely our fault. I know
My disordered eating and bad body image started while going through puberty and this may just help explain why. I've always wanted to know the reason why this all started so things like this help and interest me. Maybe this will do the same for you!






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