Reward system?

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Reward system?

My "homework" this week is to set up a scale of 1 to 10, 10 indicated I took care of my self, mentally and physically. A 1 would indicate I resorted to self-harm such as binging and purging or restricting or using laxatives or drugs.

I have to decided every night how my day went, and if I have a lot of "good" days, I get a reward.

Uhm. Ideas?
I have NO idea what to give myself as a reward! Before, planning a great b/p was my reward, but it was also my punishment.
So yeah, healthy reward system ideas would be much appreciated =]

I dont do the whole mani-pedi/treat yourself out to a spa because I have no one to really go with.
Clothes shopping just gives me anixety, massages are expensive in nyc, my neighborhood is too dangerous to take a "peaceful walk"

This is a toughie...

Edit// Better question: what reward would you give yourself if you made weekly improvements on recovery? The idea is to slowly appreciate other things in life besides resorting back to eating disordered behavior.

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Taking a bath (in the dark if

Taking a bath (in the dark if you're not ready to have the lights on!), doing your own nails or hair, take a bus to a park where you can go for a peaceful walk, go to the theatre and see a new movie (by yourself if no one wants to go), Look on a DIY craft site and make yourself a new scarf or something. < That website has some great ideas!

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