Ruptured Stomach?

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Ruptured Stomach?

12500kcal binge last night, no purging. I went FAR past satiation, and I really think I might have split my stomach inside-- a lot of pain. Is this possible? I took a laxative to get some out of me, but only a gentle one, and I still am packed tight with food. Really uncomfortable and worried-- did something happen like in Se7en?

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Have you had ulcers before?

It could also be possible that the acidity level in your stomach is totally out of wack. I went to emergency once in excruciating pain thinking my gut blew up but it was just the start of an ulcer.

I know it's a scary feeling and if you honestly haven't felt anything this intense, it may be worth going to get checked out. I know there's nothing worse than trying to explain the whole ordeal to the docs... gotta LOOOOOOOOOVE the lectures from totally incompetent medical professionals that think they're smarter than Maslow.

But if it doesn't subside you need to go. Try and do something low key for now hon, and do everything you can to keep yourself from taking any more lax. Hopefully things will regulate for ya lov. Hang in there xx

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