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Scales Scales Scales

I am new to this program and have been working it the last couple of days. I decided on Sunday night to have my hubby hide my scale. I feel like screaming first thing in the morning. I have made it to Thursday and am starting to feel not panic but on the way. I never imagined how addictive just the scale could be. It is just a little piece of metal and here I am letting it run my life. I am just shocked! I am wondering:

Does this happen to anyone else?

Am I just being silly?

I do know it should get easier but it just seems so.........


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When I posted this yesterday

When I posted this yesterday I was stressing out about my weight. I was thinking about getting on the scale tomorrow and I realized I don't want to. I have made it 5 days without binging and know if I get on the scale and if my weight is not were I want it to be then I am going to panic and it will trigger my binging. I know just have to make it till Monday. Saturdays and Sundays are my hardest days I am home all day with no distractions. I know I can do it. I just have to remember one day at a time.


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Hey N! Congratulations on

Hey N!

Congratulations on making it through an entire work week without relying on your scales! That's awesome that you are taking on what you are taking on!

I have found letting go of my habits to control my body and weight - and for me that was intense exercise - very hard at first. So I can relate to what you are going through. Totally. I do also feel a little more vulnerable now than back in the days, but at the same time I feel so freeeeee compared to before! I would have never thought that I could reduce my obsession w sport and fear. Of putting on weight. But it is possible. And for me it happened by taking a leap of faith and detaching myself from my addictive behaviour.

I can't say that it is yet all rosy - I still feel a little vulnerable on certain levels - but I certainly feel far more peace of mind than before.

So to reward yourself for all your hard work, can you do something really fun and loving for you tomorrow? Like get a massage, see a close friend, buy something you love for your house/self, read a book, write, cut some fresh flowers... Anything you feel you woul really love to do.

Let me know how you go.



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Still no scale and I am still

Still no scale and I am still struggling with everything. This weekend has been really hard and have binged and purged the last two days. Weekends are really hard. Being home and sitting around the house is a really bad trigger for me because I swear the food calls my name. I try to fight it then I cave. I still have to let go and binge without the purge. IT IS REALLY HARD. I really want to stop and I know I can I just need to focus on other things. I am hoping that I can start writing more post and coming here instead of the cupboard may help.

What do you all do in order to walk way? I really could use some good distractions. I really don't have any hobbies besides reading and running/hiking. I know I can go take a walk.

I want a day to do nothing but eat what I want but I am not comfortable enough with that because I don't want to purge. I know we are not suppose to restrict ourselves but it is hard not to do that either.

One day at a time. I have to remember that and put one foot in front of the other.


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I just joined the site and

I just joined the site and need to stop weighing everyday too... how is it going for you now?

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ohhh the scales is a very

ohhh the scales is a very typical issue!! believe me most of us have been there!!

i have read a lot of women saying they told their husbands to pack the scales!!! i had to get rid of mine as well, but then i started to freak out because we were on a long trip and i had no idea so i started measuring myself.... oh my God! it was obviously the same obsession only it took longer to do. At one point i just realized there was no point and i stopped. With time i really forgot the precision of the scale, last time i weighed myself at my moms place and i just saw the number and didnt really react to it, because it had been so long that i didnt even remember what was my last number, what was i supposed to weigh... Before i was crazy for 100 grams over my lovely number!!!

I know its hard but you should get rid of it, think about it: what good does it make when you weigh yourself???? is there any number that will make you happy that doesnt mean super thin??? probably not, probably it will just bring stress and anxiety so whats the point???

big hugs and congratulations for having the attitude, that´s all you need to progress!!!!


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I have not weighed myself in

I have not weighed myself in 23 years. I go by how my clothing fits. I also donated all the really thin clothing that has restrictive waistlines. It just made me feel badly about myself. Keep the stretch stuff. The folks here say there is bloating at first then you slim down so having stretch clothes like leggings and long sweaters are great, even if you're already thin.

Sick since 1976

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Like the majority on here, I

Like the majority on here, I also obsess over the number on the scale. That number determines determines wether my day will be good or bad, even just a lb or 2 in direction and the change in my mood is dramatic.
I can't throw away my scales completely, however have found that putting them away in a cupboard makes me weigh in less, committing to weighing in only once a week, this sounds hard but I was surprised, as im sure you will be, how easy it is to just not step on the scale. Once you have avoided the scale even that one time, its amazing how easy it is to not step on the scale.
At the moment I weigh in once a week. While that's is still quite obsessive, its also very normal if that makes any sense!
I tried measuring with a tape instead but the number never seemed to go down even if my weight did, so I found it more of a triggering process.
Im doing good so far in my recovery, eventualy I would love to be one of the crowd who 'never weigh themselves' however at this stage I feel I need to keep a firm check things don't get too much out of control. But try the infamous quote 'out of sight, out of mind' because as soon as my scales weren't in sight, the thought to weigh in completely slipped my mind.

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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I put the scale back in my

I put the scale back in my bathroom last week and I have been staying away from it. I have weighed myself twice now. I am trying to one weigh myself once a week. I hope it works. I am not so stressed about my weight during the week as I am out of the house and have work to do. But on the weekends I go crazy it is terrible. I eat everything and I can not stop myself. But I will keep trying.


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I know exactly how you feel.

I know exactly how you feel. I started this recovery programme on Monday, and I really don't know if I can get rid of the scales yet! I feel exactly as Angel333 said, the number determines how my day will be, good or bad. I am considering trying the once a week weigh in option. I am feeling so good this week, and all has been going well, but like you, I am nervous about the weekend. Once I get through this first weekend (successfully hopefully!), I will feel so much more confident about this whole journey. I don't want to let myself down! I will definitely be visiting this website if I even feel an inkling of a relapse coming over me.
Good on you for your progress so far, you are doing great. You are all an inspiration to me:-)
Bring on the weekend!

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Good Morning Haychelle, The

Good Morning Haychelle,

The only reason I was able to give up the scale is because I told my husband to hide it. I was just like you and Angel333. I weighed myself everyday and would be mad if I gained a pound or so. I would try to ignore the number but it didn't help. I had my husband hide the scale and it was at least two weeks. My weight went up but by then I knew that I felt better then before so I didn't want to go back to the way I was. I keep weighing in now about once a week and I have learned to be ok with that number. Now I just have to make it through the weekend. The problem for me is I am a bored eater and if we are sitting inside watching tv I get bored then I eat. It is a bad cycle. It is weird because someday I make it till the end of the day and it is because I am tired and trying to stay awake so I eat more to stay awake. I really have to learn to balance it all out.

I wish you luck on your first week. Stick with it even if you think you can't . I will be rooting for you.


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I remember having a total

I remember having a total feeling of panic when I gave up the scale. When I couldn't find it in the house it was such anxiety.

But stick with it. Even get rid of it altogether. Not having a scale is the best thing I've ever done. In 1 month I will have been recovered for 2 years and I still don't want a scale, and when I see one It's like I'm drawn to it and wanna weight myself. Not worth my happiness. Thankfully it's rarely that I'm around one :-)

That number is not worth sacrificing your happiness. Stay strong!

Life is too short to not be happy

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Wow freakyblonde88 ! Congrats

Wow freakyblonde88 !
Congrats on the two years. I am really trying to learn to test my weight by my clothes and how the fit. I bought new jeans this holiday and the are a size bigger and it freaked me out. But I realized that I am happier with myself now then I was then. I feel better and I am not as sluggish as I was. When I b&p my blood sugar dives way low and I have to lay down and then I fall asleep. It is the worse feeling ever. NO thanks. I am going to try and stay strong this weekend.

Wish me luck!


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Wow, it's so encouraging to

Wow, it's so encouraging to read how successful you all are, and to read all the advice, it is really helping me and I have had a great first week into this recovery journey. I still have the daily weigh-in, but small steps, I will definitely work on eliminating the scales over the next week or two. I am just focusing on this SE this week.
Good luck nmorford, stay strong! I know I will be trying hard to too! Thank you for your kind comments:-)

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Thanks Haychelle, I had a

Thanks Haychelle,
I had a great weekend. Only had one episode. I hope to stay on this path. I am glad to hear you had a great week. Keep up the good work. The scale is hard to give up. You are right take small steps and do what you can to make it through the tough parts.

I wish you luck and lots of hugs.


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I avoided my scales after I

I avoided my scales after I left hospital for anorexia, knowing I'd gained weight and knowing I'd be freaking out if I weighed and saw the higher number. I knew I weighed more but denying it made it a little easier to handle. I weighed myself for the first time in over a year this morning, because I had a new doctor appt and I knew he'd want my weight. Strangely, I hadn't gained at all, yet I've tormented myself with laxatives and vomiting in all that time. I felt a little calmed by it even.

I don't plan on weighing myself anytime soon, as I know if I changed at all, I'll be obsessively weighing again.

Well done to all of you in your varying stages of recovery!


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I have found myself slowly

I have found myself slowly going back to the scale. I have to stop myself and move on. I do not want to go back to the scale and the numbers. Numbers are hard facts and hard to accept. I do not want to go back. I was very proud of myself and do not want to go back. I have only had two minor slip backs in two weeks and that is huge. I want to keep moving in that direction. I really want to say thanks to you all.


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