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SE and social events

Just wondering how people handle SE when they go to a social event like a dinner or family celebration or work event that involves trigger foods or where you have no control of what food is being served? I have to go to my friends birthday celebration tomorrow which is going to involve lots of food and no doubt lots of very triggering foods!! What if there is nothing there that I feel safe to eat? I'm freaking out about it as I've managed SE for 4 days now and feel its too early to go to something like this where I am faced with triggering foods but its my best friends 30th birthday so there is no way that I can miss it! Last week after 4 days of SE I had to attend a work dinner which I did not handle well at all and ended up b/ping which then lasted for 3 days!!! I don't want the same thing to happen again this week! Please any advice or suggestions would be great!! I'm feeling so incredibly anxious right now :-(

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SE is not necessarily about

SE is not necessarily about controlling what you eat, but eating regularly. So if you are going to an event, eat in moderation, Serve one plate like you would at home even though the food may be different.

Or if you go to a birthday (as is commonly set up here anyways) you have cake in the afternoon and stay for dinner. Well cake can be your snack on that day, and even if it's buttery food with fries that you wouldn't normally eat they can be dinner, just convince yourself that "it's a meal." no matter what it is it's a meal. I've helped people get into SE before, and the first step is to eat ANYTHING every three hours. even if that is an apple, chocolate bar, veggies, fries, cookies, doesn't matter, just get into the habit. Then once we do that, we make it normal size serving(no starving), and once we do that we make it any food that it may be, It's all about portion control and timing.

Make sure you eat your afternoon snack before going to a dinner event so you won't be overly hungry once dinner is served, and therefore less likely to binge.

All the best!

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Thanks for you advice

Thanks for you advice hun....its weird cause i ended up handling the dinner ok, that is, I didn't b/p but felt incredibly uncomfortable with the knowledge that i had to keep that food inside me and then as soon as I got home all I wanted to do was b/p...the urge was sooooo incredibly intense. But I had nothing in the house to b/p on and i was with my boyfriend and couldn't find a legitimate excuse to tell him so I couldn't go out and buy food so ended up going to bed, but then the next day i woke up still wanting to b/p so spent the whole wknd b/ping and now feel like hell today, like i have a serious b/p hangover!! Its as if I had told myself that once i went off my SE plan that I might as well b/p and start again on Monday, which I know is so ridiculous but the urge was soooo intense that i gave in. Feeling really ashamed and disappointed right now but not ready to give up....will keep trying SE and most importantly will try to get the dieting/restricting mentality out of my heard cause i know that's what is leading me back to b/p!!! thanks again for your support babe x

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