Searching for dietplan for systemic candida which does not interfere with recovery

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Searching for dietplan for systemic candida which does not interfere with recovery

I am 4 month purge free now, am still overeating and sometimes on foods I am allergic too.
Now I am diagnosed with severe candida condition,itching all over my body, especially at night,
extreme exhaustion, headaches and heavy stomach pain after eating starchy and sweet foods.
I also feel often depressed.My doctor told me to follow a strict diet without karbohydrates, which
feels impossible to me.When I restrict my food-I get into the habit of bingeing on just the restricted
I wonder if someone knows and experienced this problem too: being in recovery but am in fysical
need of a diet.
And does someone of you know a sensible diet plan for systemic candida which does work?

Thank you for your help!


I am Lisa
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I don't know about Candida

I don't know about Candida but I've followed healthy diets before, like raw food for 6 months for instance. I never felt so free in eating as I did then. I used to think of it not in a "I can't eat this but instead I am free to eat whatever and how much I want of that". Freedom in limitations.Granted, for me I went back to bulimia but I believe that if I hadn't started to experiment and restrict after several months on the diet then I might not have relapsed. I think following a healthy diet could work

I take one day at a time to overcome something
that has been forever on my mind

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Thank you Lisa, I decided to

Thank you Lisa,
I decided to refuse any kind of diet for the moment because restricting leads to bingeing for me.I decided to just follow structured eating instead and eat lots of whole foods and also some less healthy foods.I think I will heal over time.When I restrict every sugar or milkproduct or other stuff I just go to indulge on it later.I already feel better now, less itching skin..I just have to follow this process and trust it.


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Hi Natascha, Just thought to

Hi Natascha,
Just thought to mention that I too have had issues with Candida (just this year realized what it was and that it's a widespread issue that people and the health community acknowledge) and have been struggling as well with staying on a low-sugar candida-friendly diet and having it be balanced enough to not lead to bingeing. It is tough! Especially when my bulimia was originally spurred by a restrictive, health-fanatic dieting regime based in restriction of "unhealthy" foods. A large part of my own healing has been practice in intuitive eating - the mindset of "I am allowed to follow my own hunger signals and am deserving of the foods that satisfy them" and avoiding any destructive restriction - this tends to allow my cravings to even out so that carbs aren't as appetizing as complex carbs and proteins / low-glycemic foods. It makes sense that this candida imbalance developed because we tend to binge on simply sugars for survival. I do have hope that healing is fully possible -- though it takes TIME! ~best~

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