Seeing whats in front of you

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Seeing whats in front of you

Just looking through the photo's of my friends and other bloggers on this wonderful site...
It’s amazing and saddening that we are all suffering from this horrible disease.
EVERYONE is so beautiful and individual and characteristic in their own way. EVERYONE has a unique face and a unique body. EVERYONE has positive attributes. No one is the same, no one is better or worse, no one is ugly and no one is perfect - what is perfect anyway?! It does not exist.
Why can we see beauty in each other and not in ourselves I wonder?
Why do we always want what we have not got, when what we really should be focusing on is what we do have and why we are lovely?
Everyone has something special about them, we’re all different. How boring if we was all the same.

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ~Paul McCartney

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Oh so true Saz. Why are we

Oh so true Saz. Why are we always so hard on ourselves??? I often ask myself this too. We should relish and focus on our difference and think that that is OK today!!! Have a good one and be kind to yourself, m x

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Hi Saz. What a perceptive

Hi Saz. What a perceptive thing to notice and point out. I wish all of us could see ourselves the way we see each other - because I see nothing but smart, beautiful, kind and wonderful people on this site. Let's hope that this will be the gift recovery gives us - to see ourselves in a positive light. :-) Have a wonderful day!!
Laura xx

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