Side effect of Recovery - EXTREME diarrhoea...

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Side effect of Recovery - EXTREME diarrhoea...

Okay so maybe it's too much information, but I'm having an absolute nightmare at the moment.
Usually, I've half attempted recovery before.. got a couple days then given up.. needless to say I wasn't comitted.
But what's strange is usually during those times I've just been really constipation, this time I'm fully commited I'm doing better than I ever had but for 4 days straight I've had the worse sharp pains in my abdomen and diarrhoea :S It feels like I've OD'd on laxatives or something, when ironically enough I havn't. Has anyone else had this side effect? I've heard a lot about not having bowel movements, but not much about this. If you did, did you find anything that helped? I'm going to have to go to the doctor on monday If it doesn't settle, havn't slept a wink!

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Hi michellroser yes I had

Hi michellroser yes I had this too but it passed away in few days.. maybe its bc ur tommy is. Not used to structure eating. You can learn more abou the site effects on your body here:

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At the beginning of my

At the beginning of my recovery my body had a hard time digesting food. Especially if I ate a lot. It got better in a few weeks. Good luck!

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