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Side Effects!

Hey everyone, I've had bulimia for almost 10 years. I'm interested in hearing about what sort of side effects you all have had, especially those of you that have had it as long as me.

Heres a list of mine:
callous on my knuckle (comes and goes)
dry skin on the lower corners under my mouth.
only just recently a swollen jaw/gland area
Severe tiredness/lethargy (I havent felt 100% for years)
Pain behind my sternum.
Sharp pain in my stomach/sternum if I've eaten a bit too late at night (have woken up from pain)

My worst problem area weight wise is my stomach, I can never quite get it flat but wondered if this is from constantly extending it during the bingeing??

Has anyone had really bad teeth problems? I think I've worn away the enamel on my teeth and I'm worried about my next dentist visit! I'm sure I'll have plenty of fillings by now. My teeth are also a bit yellow.

My hair, skin and nails have not suffered.

Recentish blood tests showed I was low in iron (goes without saying), low thyroid function and amylase was out of whack (I think this is an electrolyte).

I also wondered, for those of you that are doing well in recovery (or not so well), how has your body adjusted/compensatd, have you noticed any nasty side effects? What is the weight gain like?
Im after any/all info I can get, thanks so much for reading and for your help! Please post back if you can, look forward to it :) Take care xx

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I get outta control, nothing really stops me sometimes so even tho iv only had it for like two years. Iv kinda noticed my teeth discoloration, and I feel like I can FEEL holes in them or something, where it used to be smooth but now it feels kinda rough. I really dont like that and dont want the doctor to know. Plus I get really tired and just sleep and waste my life away sometimes. Plus bad breath on a date god thats terrible thats another reason i joined was cuz i just gota new boyfriend


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Just stopped getting my period. Throat feels swollen and I am moody.

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I have all of those symptoms

I have all of those symptoms and then some...
I have chest pains, black outs, light headedness when I’m starving myself, insomnia (I wake up in the middle of the night and binge because my roommates are asleep), stretch marks, and yes, my stomach area is my biggest too, that’s where i’m storing all the fat that I have.

frequent shortness of breath and sickness, moodyness, missed periods, VERY Swollen neck glands, it’s called the patriod if you have the chipmunk cheeks, my face is always swollen,...

you mentioned you were low in iron, but you’re also low in a lot of other things most likely, from not getting the nutrients. we’re all low in potassium, which is horrible for women. women need potassium for their reproductive glands and for your HEART. this is a major one. you should always eat a banana after a binge, if possible, to get back some nutrients.

there’s a lot of information on this site, I hope you’ve found some help and comfort threw reading some of the posts! best of luck, let me know if you need a friend :)

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I often feel like my body is

I often feel like my body is attached to my brain thru some sort of fuzzy link' feels like its not quite mine?
I also get hip joint pain, especially if I've been sat or laid down 4 a while.
I loose my sharp memory & easily get confused.
I get very Irritatable
I am extremely noise intolerant
I sometimes feel really drunk, but no alcohol has been consumed-including inability to co-ordinate my body
I Wud b super interested 2 know if others get these symptoms?


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Hi Jo, Yes, i do and it did

Hi Jo,

Yes, i do and it did not stop even though i have not B/P for a long time. Last week i was in so much pain i went hospital. They diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I have also had reactive arthritis.

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I take it ur mainly talking

I take it ur mainly talking about the joint pain?
Jeepers I think I'm finally starting to look a bit longer term...
Saw a u tube thing the other day posted by a recovered anorexia sufferer.was not gd, esp.long term-pain wise & bone wise...
Day by day tho the in my head stuff is the hardest...i know u understand.


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joint pain, bone pain, mind

joint pain, bone pain, mind fog, feeling like someone has drugged me in the morning...

I think a lot of the things are related to Ed :-(

But we can get there dis spite all this... But know i understand totally how you may feel.


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i have no energy... i cant

i have no energy... i cant run like i used... i did a race today and it sucked i ran so slow... i feel like my bones are weak and i get injuries so easy... just feel sick all the time my stomach always hurts from laxatives... i feel lightheaded and dizzy a lot.. i feel tired but a lot of times i cant sleep (i dont know if i have a lot on my mind)... i feel so depressed about not getting better yet... my teeth are messed up and i think another tooth just chipped again or has a cavity :/ ugh so many bad things! i hate this stupid ed!!! :/

ps jo i get like that sometimes too! the other day i literally felt like i was drunk but i didnt drink any alcohol... i was walking through walmart all in a daze and it felt so weird :/

<3 much love to all

*~**~ The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~**~*

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@JoBlogs: For a while there,

@JoBlogs: For a while there, I thought I was the only one experiencing what I call the "drunken-stupor/blurring high" after bingeing and purging. Upon further investigation, I found the following that may shed some light on what causes this:

"Bulimic vomiting alters pain tolerance and mood."

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@JoBlogs: For a while there,

@JoBlogs: For a while there, I thought I was the only one experiencing what I call the "drunken-stupor/blurring high" after bingeing and purging. Upon further investigation, I found the following that may shed some light on what causes this:

"Bulimic vomiting alters pain tolerance and mood."

"Eating Disorders and Self-Induced Dissociation"

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ex bulimic, 1 yr recovery,

ex bulimic, 1 yr recovery, but still have chronic painful acid reflux after i eat, anyone has this too? thanks .

View more about this here

Coach Jen
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Short term side effects that

Short term side effects that have gone away:
Gray colored skin
Fogginess, poor memory
Bloat- stomach and face
Acne around my mouth
heartburn, sore throat
puffy eyes
chest pains
back pain
sore joints
anxiety about food & exercise
IBS- yes maybe TMI but it was a problem
Swollen glands
No period/hormone imbalance
Puffy eyes
Being perpetually anemic

Long-Term side effects that still haunt me after recovery:
Low bone density- I take calcium everyday
Gray hair-not genetic! It has stopped falling out but I have patches with no pigment due to malnourishment for so many years. I have to color every month and its very hard to cover, pretty embarrassing at age 26.
Tooth and gum decay- fortunately, my teeth still look fine, but I need like 4 fillings and 5 crowns in the back and my gums are receding in places- you can never get that back

Thankfully, our bodies are very resilient- to a point, so the sooner we recover, the sooner these side effects go away! I am amazed at how my body has healed itself after years of abuse. I hope this list inspires everyone to realize the urgency of recovering!

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Does anyone experience hair

Does anyone experience hair problems? I think my hair is thinning. And I've got puffy cheeks. It's my 2 days bp free

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Hey! Ive noticed that my hair


Ive noticed that my hair has really thinned lately too. Plus it seems like everytime I run my fingers through my hair more of it falls out. I also get really tired when I drive to school in the morning and am sooo ready for a nap by mid-afternoon. I feel like I get more irritable around meal times and especially the first couple days after I have a relapse..

Together we are stronger <3

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I get a lot of the above side

I get a lot of the above side effects. Hey I also get really sore muscles from the swelling. My thights feel like they are bruised. It is horrible. It hurts to walk/ run. I am not sure why fully. It has to do with water molecules. I eat swelling in my stomach, hands, legs/feet in particular!

I also feel the depression is getting to me. Before I felt I could keep fighting but I am so exhausted!!!

I hate this problem- I wish I could just stop. I have been trying to recover for about 4 years!!! But I am still stuck


Getting better bite by bite x x

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All of the mentioned! It does

All of the mentioned! It does take it's toll. My teeth are awful. As we speak I have two broken teeth that need to be seen to, but I'm too embarrassed to see a dentist

I also get a buzzing type feeling across my chest, which I know is electrolyte related. It scares me, but I find it's sometimes not enough to make me change my ways.

Bone pain is horrible. I get that mostly at night and have to turn over frequently, as sometimes it's so bad I actually start to cry.

Bulimia is so debilitating, it really isn't worth the slow killing of yourself to keep it up. Recovery is the only way to survive, as bulimia WILL kill you eventually.


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Side effects I've

Side effects I've experienced:
- dry flaky skin
- puffy cheeks and swollen glands
- red and calloused nuckles
- sore throat and constant cough
- breathlessnes, dizziness, and blacking out with standing too quickly
- Painful stomach and acid reflux when I would eat (especially milk)
- extreme fatgue
- mental foggyness and feeling numb
- severe mood swings with overall depression
- heart palpitations
- red eyes
- receeding gums and sensitive teeth

Since I have stopped BPing 3 months ago ALL of this (except for receeding gums) has resolved. I have lost 1kg since then (I did not weigh myself for 2 months despite feeling that I must have gained 5kg and when I finally did I was shocked that I had lost weight), my hair is thicker, my complexion is better (some of my friends who do not know I have an ED said that I was "glowing with health" the other day!), I feel much more even in mood and calm in my mind. I still get stomach pains when I eat certain things, but I've had that my whole life prior to ED.

The sensitiivity to pain that some people get may be due to the fact that an area in the brain that processes pain is the same as the area that processes body image (the Amygdala). In people with eating disorders this area is often disfunctional, so that we often have some degree of body dysmorphia (we don't see our bodies accurately, often we see them as big, disproportionate and ugly). So there seems to be a correlation between people with eating disorders, depression and chronic pain (fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, complex regional pain syndrome and other complex pain disorders).


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