Sinus issues from bulimia?

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Sinus issues from bulimia?

For almost 2 years I've had really horrible sinus problems. I've also has swollen irritated eyes (more than puffiness). My nose swells, eyelids and under eyes swell. At first I thought it was just allergies, but now I think it's something more serious. I'm thinking it may be related to all the purging I've done in the last couple year (the worst of my 15 years). When I purge my eyes water like crazy and I have to blow my knows like crazy from all the fluid dripping down. Does anyone else suffer from this? I've tried allergy pills, nasal spray, and eye drops.

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I always get more sinus pain

I always get more sinus pain after purging and its different than the pain I have because of my allergies.
Try to reduce the purging at least ,so the tissues get a chance to heal !

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YES! During my worst, I was

During my worst, I was back and forth the doctor all the time with sinus issues and headaches. Always so swollen and tender under my eyes, along my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, across the top of my forehead. Only an anti-biotic would clear this but then it would come back time and time again.
I fully belief the always constant hanging the head over to purge and all the pressure was the cause of all my years of sinus pains.
I have been Bulimia free 4 and a half months now and have not suffered sinus pains/headaches even nearly as much or as extreme as before. Even to touch before would cause my tenderness but now it feels somewhat normal.
Giving up Bulimia wil clear up a magnitude of issues you probably don't even realise are related to the disorder in the first place!

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THANK YOU! Ladies this gives

THANK YOU! Ladies this gives me so much relief! Angel333 I'm so sorry to hear you had the same problems, but it really gives me hope that if I continue taking care of myself, this will all go away. I too have been from doctor to doctor and no one has been able to help me. Things started getting really bad when I moved out of my parents house to live on my own. Huge mistake that was. My bulimia skyrocketed and I was b/ping all day everyday. I worked to pay my rent and the rest went to food. I was a mess and after about a year of living by myself is when all these symptoms started occurring. It's been bad ever since. I feel awful and look awful with all the swelling. Thanks again for your comments! This motivates more than ever :)

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