Sleepless and constipated

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Sleepless and constipated

I want to ask if anybody knows a natural treatment for sleeplessness.
I am one week binge and purge free and really bloated,constipated and often
overwhelmed by my feelings.
At night I lay down wide awake and cannot stop thinking...
At daytime I am so tired and exhausted and cannot focus and it gets more and
more difficult not to overeat.
I reduce on coffie, but don't know how to stop and come through my day.I have no
quiet place to take a nap, I go for walks do relaxation but nothing seems to help.
I am too exhausted to do strong exercise too.
Melatonine does not work either.

Does anyone knows how to get rid of constipation>?
I was addicted to enemas and colonics, but also stopped both together with bingeing and purging.
But I feel so unwell.Bowels are seldom, hard dark stools and soms my anus bloods cause of this.
I feel very uncomfortable but have to tell.

Thank you for any help!


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UGH. Both of those things

UGH. Both of those things make recovery difficult. I don't have much advice, but can say that you're still in the early stages of recovery. Good job on being one week b/p free!!! That's awesome. The insomnia and constipation will subside in time. Kind of something you just have to ride out. We do so much damage to our bodies that we must wait for all the proper repair to happen before all starts functioning normally. You mentioned not having a quiet place to nap? But do you have a place to nap? I made time to do that in early recovery and feel it really helped me. In fact, it wasn't until 6 full months in to recovery that I finally felt like I could make it through a day without wanting a nap. I considered my time with the mind power audio a nap, and would sometimes do that multiple times a day. Just 20 minutes and I used the money I was saving from not buying binge food to invest in a really nice set of noise canceling ear buds so that I could make my space quiet and get the rest that my body so desperately needed. As for constipation, it's my understanding that coffee/caffeine are diuretics which means they deplete your body of needed water and will certainly pull water from your colon which will contribute to hard stools. Maybe try replacing one cup a day with one 20 minute mind power audio nap and slowly cut back? I'm aware that's easier said than done!!! I know we aren't supposed to restrict foods, but I found that in the early stages of recovery my body really couldn't handle much insoluble fiber. Some veggies were too hard for my body to try and get rid of. Once I ate fewer of those and started a big increase in healthy fats, I could see a difference. Make sure your meals are consistent and you're getting enough fat in your diet. It will make things slippery, you know? lol. Fats will also help repair your body and are very satisfying (if they aren't a trigger food) as they tend to provide energy for longer periods of time and can help tide you over between SE times. Anyway...keep pushing forward and you'll eventually feel much more comfortable in your body. Good Luck!!!

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thank you so much for your

thank you so much for your comment.
the audios are great and I started to nap on them,too.
its fantastic this moment of care and rest.
I go to a dietist specialized in digestive problems following week.
maybe she can tell me how much of everything, which veggies and how much fat.
thank you for the tips.i still find it so difficult to choose proper amounts of food....
wish you the best!


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