Some great music for recovery time

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Some great music for recovery time

I like to listen to music all the time. During this time of recovery I find healing music to be the best. Just listening to it can leave me with a sense of peace, hope and gratitude. It can change how I feel for the entire day. On youtube I made a playlist called meal music. I plug my phone into a $10 set of computer speakers in the kitchen. When i cook my meal i plug in the phone and play it. When i sit down to eat i turn the volume way down or just turn it off. It's especially helpful at the beginning of the day.
Here are some uplifting music artists that have helped me get through these tough times!

Jia Peng Fang
Cafe del mar
enigma (very diverse, try out a few different songs if you're not familiar with this band)

I've also gotten on pandora. French Cafe is a great channel when you are having a candlelit dinner

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain.
- Vivian Greene

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Im so glad ur sharing this. I

Im so glad ur sharing this. I love music too I find that listening to music when I am eating or just after eating really really helps!

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