Something you should seriously thing about if you take the contraceptive pill

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Something you should seriously thing about if you take the contraceptive pill

just like to share some info,
sounds silly to me now that i never linked between the two together before.

i've took the pill for about 6 years with a two year gap in between, for most of those years i had a huge appitte, but in the two year gap i hardly binged at all

when i went back on the pill because my periods were getting out of hand and the pill controls them, then i continued taking the pill for about 3 years

what i didn't relise what it also controls your moods, eating habits, sex drive,
i could never stop eating, it got to the point that this last year i was unable to keep anything down and would binge purge constantly every chance i had. my mood was on a contant low, had no sex drive and i could not see a point in life at all.

i desided to stop taking the pill 6 weeks ago, within 3 weeks it felt like a huge cloud had been lifed off my head, i found myself feeling much happier overall, i have my drive back, i can keep stuff down, i can see the point of life. i went shopping and loaded my basket with binge stuff out of habit, then realised i don't even want to eat any of the stuff, and put it all back.

i feel im not the far away from recovery now :)

Something to think about.
Tthink back to the dates you taked taking the pill, if it made you worse or even caused things. come off it for a few months, see how you feel, because i know it affected me badly

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Hey, I would go off birth control, but I'm not wanting to ever get pregnant (unless I someday change my mind) and I don't want my hormones to get out of whack. Anyways, I just switched from Diane to Yaz, I was finding that my mood was sooo low just before and after my period. Apparently Yaz is effective in treating these awful premenstrual feelings, and also helps to decrease bloating and clear skin. So, for those of you who don't see going off the pill as an option, may consider this.

I'm glad that you are feeling better and that going off really helped!!!


You can not be free of anything you have not loved.

Catherine Liberty
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I've never considered the link

but this is the first time recovery has ever been successful and I also stopped taking the pill about a year ago now. It could have contributed a little I think.

I NEVER want children, so we obviously still use contraception, but just contraception that doesn't involve me messing with my hormones x x

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I'm not trying to say that

I'm not trying to say that there's not a connection, there probably is. Stay happy and beautiful:-)

You can not be free of anything you have not loved.

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there definitely is a

there definitely is a connection in terms of appetite and weight gain. just google it. i had to take Yaz a few years ago to regulate my menstrual cycle and my eating habits just grew out of control! like serious late night binges..thought i was just having a growth spurt lol

started to gain weight after that. i think it probably sparked my ED :S

(didn't notice dramatic changes in mood though)

anyways, good to know that there's now a pathway to recovery for u :)

<3 urself

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I'm not sure if taking the

I'm not sure if taking the pill has these effects on me or not (never really connected the two) but I've always found that since it's taken orally I can't purge after I take it so it helps me in that way.

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That is almost scary.... I

That is almost scary.... I started taking the pill since I was a little over 15 and my binging begon at 16.... When I think of it, No one ever would have guesses that I would have a problem with overeating... as a kid I never really cared to eat.... Thanks for this eye-opener, I will definately look into some other options of birth control.... but then again, they all have lots of hormones don't they...?

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday!

my day-to-day - living with - recovering from -battle against - BULIMIA

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do you know if the implant in the arm (contraceptive) has the same effect,ive had two back to back now(5years)??????????

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I just recently got my second

I just recently got my second (arm) Implanon implant. They last 3 years at a time. There is NO WAY I would trust or be able to take the pill consistently on a daily basis because my binges are so erratic at this point. Also, if you look at the statistics, Implanon has virtually a non-failure rate, compared to the pill, condoms, patch, etc. I feel like it would be irresponsible of me to be so active with bulimia, sexually active, and expect the pill to work. As for appetite, I don't think it has had much effect either way.

Beth G

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