Starting recovery again but need friends

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Starting recovery again but need friends

I cannot believe I am back on this site. I read the book, read the stories yet still my mind convinced me that I knew better. I put my need for a certain body weight before my recovery. I listened to my "eating disorder thinking" instead of recovery thinking. So I am back where I started at the beginning. My ED has taken everything from me, I so want to get better but my mind wants to keep messing things up for me. My ED prevents me from asking others for support, so the first step in recovery is to ask for support and guidance from others out there.

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Hi Sarah, You sound like you

Hi Sarah,

You sound like you are jn the same place I was a month ago. I kept trying to recover whilst still wanting to have the resticting and dieting body weight. If you wish we can help each other. I decided I was going to let go for the first time in my life and let recovery take place. I did many things trying to help myself therapy oa ... But the best thing so far has been leting go of dieting and restricting having my recommended calories a day. I hope you are doing better xx

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Hi Sarah, I feel the same

Hi Sarah,
I feel the same way, I can't believe I've started here again. It's like you can't get better until you look for help, and can't look for help until you decide to get better. Yesterday was a good day with no b/p but the bloatedness and heaviness became too much today and tonight I failed.
It just has to be one day at a time, and that you're even back on this site is a great start.
I've never been bulimia free for more than 2/3 weeks and have never gone more than 8 hours without stepping on the scales.
You're right about eating disorder thinking, it has a mind and thought process all of its own.
Keep trying,every day, over and over again until it works...

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Wow, same here! I decided I

Wow, same here! I decided I needed some forum support for when it gets hard, I first joined in 2012 . . . Jesus, now it's 2015. The only thing that's changed is I've now gained 10 more pounds . . .

Have discovered that I have SIBO and parasites, I think my bad digestive environment helped breed issues.

Anyway, I'm proud of all of us realizing that we need support to get through this!!!!!

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Me too! I joined in 2012 and

Me too! I joined in 2012 and am now back and seeking some more support! It sounds like we are all in the same boat. Today is my first day of structured eating after a big b and p last night. I always find the first day after an episode is hardest to bounce back from because blood sugar and appetite is all out of whack. Would love to join in on this support train :)))


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You guys are awesome! No

You guys are awesome! No matter how long it's taken for you to get to where you are and realise that you need help and support that is huge, to realise that there are better friends to be had than ED.

I've been recovered for a bit more than 3 yrd now, I'd be more than happy to be by your side on your path to recovery, cause trust me, nothing helps like actually being able to vent out all the stupid, gross, ridiculous, crazy feelings/things that come with ED. For me it meant the world. SO feel free to get in touch, message me on this site and we'll take it from there.

Have a great weekend, and good luck as you take your new steps towards recovery.


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