Stop Purging Gradually?!

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Stop Purging Gradually?!

I am in the program for a couple of weeks now and I decided to stop purging gradually.
I have enough of days bg free and than total relapses.
I gone through this for years.
Now I am in the 3 week bp free the entire day till 7pm, sometimes later and I also have
1 day bp free at all.
This week I go for 2 days bp free.
I must not make it if I cannot, but I make the decision not to fall back under the level of
1 day bp free and all entire days till now 8pm.And work up on this.
Its not easy to still not be free of purging, but I can also honour the progress.
Has anybody a thought on that approach?Or experience?
Would love to hear from you.


Little Miss Grumpy
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Hello! I think that there are

Hello! I think that there are several approaches one could take to recovery. Some people want to just stop, almost cold turkey, and push or struggle through the binge/purge urges. For some that may work. But often they are discouraged when they slip up. Some may try to wean themselves off, if it were, almost like a smoker might slowly cut back on nicotine. Remember we should be thinking about progress not perfection. If you feel what you are doing is the way to go then stick with it. But keep challenging yourself and the urges. Its the only way that you will keep progressing. Its a process, sometimes.....often in fact, it can seem very long and drawn out. But if you keep persevering it will get better.
Keep going, and never look back!!!

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thank you for your comment. I

thank you for your comment.
I feel unsure,if I do good enough.I feel so afraid to let purging go for good.
Maybe this gradual put down is a excuse.
I doubt myself.
maybe I have to leave those feelings and accept that I can not do more this moment.


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Recovery is a gradual

Recovery is a gradual process. I have yet to hear of anyone who nailed it first try!
Gradual cuts downs to binging and purging over time means you are heading in the right direction.
As time goes on you will do it less and less until will be recovered!
Good luck, you wll get there if you never give up trying. we all will x

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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Thank you Angel!

Thank you Angel!


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That is great advice. I never

That is great advice. I never looked at it that way for recovery.

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You say you wish you could do

You say you wish you could do more at the moment, Natascha, but I think you're doing great! That's incredible progress (even if you find you relapse) - wish I could move my recovery on as determinedly as you!
I feel quite inspired :).

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Natascha, Little miss


Little miss grumpy said it perfectly, we must aim for progress not perfection. Ive only been working on recovery for the very first time for about a month after 16 years of suffering from Bulimia. Over the past month I have binged and purged quit a bit, but overall I have been doing it less, which is progress so Im happy about that. Quitting cold turkey may be good for some, but I don't think that would ever work for me, and trying to do it that way would just get discouraging. Your doing good! Keep you head up and keep on pluggin!!


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