Stress....emotional binge urges!

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Stress....emotional binge urges!

So i've only just realised how much of a trigger stress is for me! Work was crazy busy today and as a result I had 15 mins to chill out and have my lunch.....not ideal. I finished worked and couldn't wait to leave. I was exhausted and stressed.

As a result I've been experiencing so many triggers and urges this evening. I know these are emotional triggers and urges but I'm finding it difficult to settle them. Ive tried meditating and engaging in self care (I had a shower and did some plates/stretching)....but every so often I keep getting these sudden urges.

I'm hoping that by not responding to them I will gradually re-wire my brains silly way of thinking and not experience these urges as time goes on..... but I have no idea?? Am I just being really hopeful in thinking that? Experiencing urges and triggers seems like an ingrained response to stress..... its so scary!

Prior to this I was having a really good and positive week....I hate that this is ruining it!

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You are doing the right thing

You are doing the right thing - you will find other ways of dealing with stress, more helpful ways. Self care sounds great! I binged in response to stress today. It's not worth it, not at all. It adds to the stress and reinforces those brain pathways. I'm sure you know this, sorry for stating the obvious.
Well done, keep going, your progress gives me hope.

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