Structured Eating ??

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Structured Eating ??

I have heard several people talk about following thier structured diet plan for the day, but I do not know what the plan is... Wher do you guys find this outline to develope a "normal" eating schedule? that might help me.

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Heya hunny, I can only tell

Heya hunny,
I can only tell you about my experience of it. I hope it helps:
The first thing I had to do is look at my schedule, then fit food kind of around it so I ate 3 meals & 3 snacks each day, never more than 3 hours apart.
initially all I had to do was eat something at these times, It didnt matter what or how much, & make sure I did not eat inbetween. I soon got to the point when I was starting to look forward to my food time & was starting to get really hungry in between.
After that I worked on eating decent food at meal times - making sure I was getting enough food to start to feel less hungry which in turn reduced the urge to binge. I also had to make sure I did not restrict (the hardest bit for me). This meant I often had the same thing for breakfast & lunch, then a meal with my family at tea time. Then I made sure that at tea time I had to eat more than my 6 year old :S
After that I started to slowly introduce small portions of foods that i found really hard.
I am on week 27. I used to vomit 25+ times a week. Now Im down to emotional b/ps maybe 1-3times a week. Massive improvement. I know if i stop restricting I will be able to stop most of the ed behaviour......
Thats my next challenge :S
Good luck with this, ill be thinking of you


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Everytime I fall off the

Everytime I fall off the structured eating plan I revert to bulimic behavior.

It have found it to be really helpful to make sure I eat little meals all day so I never feel hungry which leads to binge thoughts.

I am back on a structured eating plan for about a week now. doing well.
Sending good thoughts your way!

I am stronger than yesterday

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Hey there! I just got out of

Hey there!
I just got out of treatment, and this is what my nutritionist suggested for me:

3 meals a day, with 1 startch, 1 protein, and 1 fruit or veggie
1-3 snacks depending on hunger level (i usually eat 2-3 snacks a day), and snacks can be just a peice of fruit or granola bar, or can be up to 2 things, like i love eating cheerios with no milk and having yogurt with it, so that i have a protein and a carb.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me :)

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For snacks I like fruit,

For snacks I like fruit, protein bars, trail mix, mini bags of popcorn, and yogurt :)

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Hi I'm going shopping

Hi I'm going shopping tomorrow to get my supplies for the week so I can do this structured eatting.
I have to watch my gluten so I need to do gluten free breads starches and other carbs... Thanks for your ideas...
Food scares me so hopefully this will give me some control.

Hi im new to support group but have struggled for years with food issues

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