Structured eating and going out?

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Structured eating and going out?

Okay so I need a bit of help and advise, I'm following structured eating pretty well. But my question is what do I do when I'm going out? For example I'll be going to the cinema Sunday with my boyfriend, and I know we'll get popcorn and I might not be eating dinner till a lot later than I usually would.. I don't really know how to fit this into my structured eating, I always eat at the same times etc, and generally when I stay round his we never wake up in time for when I'd have my usual breakfast which sends my structure all hay wire. What does everyone else do when they go out on this sort of plan.. :s

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Question: does your bf know

Question: does your bf know you're in recovery? If so, talk to him about what your needs are re: recovery and try to include him in your meal planning. If not, you can keep granola bars in your purse & eat those if your next meal will be later than usual. If you wake up late, just start your SE right away and keep eating every 3 hours from there. It sounds like you're already thinking ahead, which is great! If there will be 5 hours until your next meal, have a lighter snack at 3 hours, and your meal at 5. Good luck and take care!

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