Structured eating question

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Structured eating question

Does it get easier...I'm finding it hard to stick to every 3 hours and tend to make it 2 hours and want my snack!
But then I end up having my evening Tea too early and going to bed slightly hungry waking up in the morning ready for breakfast,sometimes more!
So what I'm asking does the 3 hours gap become longer over time and does it get easier to stick to?
Hope your all having a good day xxx

Emily x

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Every 3 hours is an

Every 3 hours is an estimation only. Yes definitely eat sooner if you need to. However never go longer than 3 hours even if you are not hungry. This is so your body knows it is never in starvation mode. Also. Look at what you are eating for each meal and snack. You may require an increase in portion size. Or perhaps more protein. But one thing for sure. Listen to your body. Eat when it tells you to. Your hunger signals are very mixed up, this will take time to even out. But stick to SE. Be strict with this. It has taken me a very very long time however I'm finally understanding between the satisfied and full feeling. And after more than 2 years I still follow structured eating wether I am hungry for snack or not! But take a look and make sure there is plenty carbs, proteins, fruits, veg, dairy. Healthy fats. Yogurt and milk and nuts are great foods. Plenty fibre. Don't fear your hunger though. It's your body's natural response and is your friend!

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I agree with Angel, if you

I agree with Angel, if you body tells you that 3 hours is too long between meals go for 2 or 2,5 hrs, the point is to ensure that we are giving our body regular nourishment and not getting to the point that "Omg I'm soooo hungry" which will lead us right into a binge.

We are all different and you have to find what works for your body, just make sure that "what works" isn't too long between meals.
And yes it does get easier, not that I'm recovered I automatically have a snack between meals without thinking about it, my body has been trained to eat several meals a day and it knows when it needs it which makes me feel better overall, and also helped me once I became pregnant, I had to just add one more snack, but I was already used to eating multiple small meals so it's not much of a change around :-)

We are creatures of habit but it takes at LEAST 6 weeks to form a new habit, so make yourself eat every 2,5 hrs if that's what it takes, no matter if your last meal was a binge or a cracker, stick to it, make sure you have your meals/snacks to prevent future relapses.

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Thank you :-) so grateful for

Thank you :-) so grateful for your advice!
I've just been away with family and it's been the first holiday in forever I remember not binging and purging. I tried to keep to the structure of eating every 3 hours but sometimes it was hard but I managed it....there were scales in the hotel room which was pretty annoying I did weigh myself once I admit but it didn't bother me, surprisingly to myself my weight hasn't changed much,in fact 3 months into recovery my weight is less than it was 3 months ago. I am trying not to weigh myself though,I know it isn't productive xxx

Emily x

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