Such a hard decision, but I'm proud

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Such a hard decision, but I'm proud

Tonight I had to make the hardest decision ever. Some of my family is in town and we were going to watch a movie at my parents house tonight. But EVERY time I have gone into that place I relapse. Also, since Fridays have been my days off, my mom had bought me ice cream and chocolate covered bananas while we watch a movie together. But recently I've been throwing them up and have not been able to keep them down. So tonight I knew that if I went home I would relapse. So I didn't go home. My mom and family offered to come up and see me but I knew if I saw my mom tonight all I would think about would be fighting the urge to ask her to go buy me ice cream. So I literally locked myself in my apartment tonight and turned on a movie in order by to relapse tonight. It was so hard, but I did it. And I'm so happy that tomorrow I will not be racked in pain because I relapsed.

Live your passion! :)

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There will be many more times

There will be many more times you can get together with your family. Glad you were able to do this and get some recovery. i am sure your family will understand

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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Congratulations! It sounds

Congratulations! It sounds like a huge step! And never underestimate the support of your family :) My Mum has known for a long time now but she never knew how to react, really, and I always thought she would never really get my problem but yesterday she told me that if I needed to wait longer with lunch than when she usually cooked it, it'd be ok. Today I asked whether we could eat half an hour later (the reason, e.g. accomodating my structured eating, didn't need to be said) she agreed without hesitation.
But yeah, parents and food... Mine always buys sweets for me ans when I came home from university for the holidays yesterday, there was a bowl of chocolate in my room. I was actually brave enough to tell her that leaving chocolate in the room of her bulimic daughter might not have been a great idea - she understood, in the end.
What I'm trying to say, anyway, is: don't be scared to tell your mother what you need!

Good luck over the holiday :)

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