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Suggestions for snacks

Hello all, I hope everyone is finding some positivity in their day, even if things are tough!

I'm just wondering if anyone has suggestions for nutritious snacks. I'm a vegan and a bit fed up with dried fruits and nuts and I feel so full all the time with bloating, that fresh fruits are making feel exceedingly stuffed. Hence, I've been skipping the snacks and having just two meals a day, lunch and dinner and eating just fruit or making a fruit smoothies for breakfast. I love fresh fruit and veg smoothies, so that's usually my wake up breakfast.

What sort of things are you eating or have you had in the past to keep to structured eating. I have more structure now with having three meals, making the smoothie a meal since it has at least two portions of fruit and veg, then lunch and dinner. I. Worried I'm not sticking to the eat every three hours suggestions here though. I've never binged, as purging has been my bulimia to quite extremes, purging foods and fluids and becoming really dehydrated as a result, probably why my bloating is so bad.

Do you think it's necessary to still eat every three hours? I want to try to do the right thing and I'm lucky to have a few weeks off work while the bloating is so awful, so I don't wan to waste that time by not following structured eating properly.

Really stuck and open to any suggestions and they don't have to be vegan as I can adapt suggestions to follow my own lifestyle.


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I'm not real good at what

I'm not real good at what Vegans can and cannot eat, but here are some ideas:

-Carrort sticks/Cauliflower/Celery sticks/cucumber with dip/Hummus
-Crackers with any kinda spread/Cheese
-Bake your own healthy carrot or apple muffin (so you get both fruit, fibre and fullness)
-If yogurt and cheese are an option, then cottage cheese with chopped tomatoes or with honey (depeneding if you like salty or sweet.
-Greek yogurt with honey and berries or fresh/dried dates (SO good)
-Peanut butter on rye bread with honey or preserves
- Baked apples(or pears) with muesli or any cruncy topping. (simple and soo good)
If you cannot have dairy, you coudl make your own type of sorbet pudding (so no milk or cream)

I dunno if this is any help since I'm not so familiar with Vegan diets, and I eat lots of yogurt :-D For breakfast and snack.
Good luck!

Life is too short to not be happy

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Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for your reply! Don't worry too much about what I don't eat, as I'm able to adapt most things like cheese and dairy yoghurts with soy products, almond or coconut milks or make my own nut butters. Hmm, rye bread with a spread sounds good. I do like the pumpernickel breads and hadn't thought of that as a snack as I've only just introduced it to my diet (I've not eaten breads for years!).

Vegan is basically no meat or dairy and I also don't have honey, but there are substitutions and suggestions for most things. Yoghurts are a great idea and don't sit too heavy in your stomach. Gosh, that's so simple, but I hadn't even thought of it as a snack food! Thank you! I also love houmous is also so yummy and I have stuff at home to make my own, so that's also a great idea. Thank you for your suggestions.


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I'm vegan too :) Here are

I'm vegan too :) Here are some of my snacks:
- Slice of toast with peanut butter/vegemite/jam
- Yoghurt with pumpkin seeds (soy yoghurt)
- Soy iced coffee with a small scoop of so good ice-cream
- 2 biscuits and a coffee (I either bake or buy vegan ones - arnott's ginger nuts are vegan, also the brand leda at coles has yummy vegan timtams!)
- Small bowl of cereal
- Mixed nuts and dried fruit
- Veggie soup
- Vegan chocolate (sweet william, moo free chocolate)
- The apricot carman muesli bars are vegan I think!
- Some chips (kettle salt and vinegar are vegan)
- Crackers and hummus or beetroot dip
- Stuff I bake - blueberry muffins, banana muffins, cookies, banana bread

Hope that helped! I wasn't eating all of this stuff early in recovery, cos a lot of it was previously 'off limits' and therefore scared me in the beginning! But I started incorporating 'scary' foods slowly and now I eat all these things regularly and its wonderful!!

"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it's these things I'd believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn't all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”

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And yeah, I would advise to

And yeah, I would advise to eat every 3 hours! It feels like a lot of food at first, but eventually it felt so good and normal. And I eat less now than I did 3 months into recovery, just cos my body trusts me that it will be refuelled within 3 hours!

"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it's these things I'd believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn't all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”

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I love oatcakes! But maybe

I love oatcakes! But maybe they are just Scottish/English? Perhaps only a memory to you. They now have different ones like cracked black pepper. In fact if you go to the Cracker section here its full of all sorts of yummy savory biscuits/crackers. I guess more and more people don't eat bread. I haven't eaten it for years really.

I understand it is different for you because you are not a binger and structured eating is to let out body and minds no foos is on its way and not to binge. But I think perhaps something small whatever you are comfortable with every 3 hours is a really good way you body can get used to regular healthy eating again. Good Luck xxx


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Hmm, I think I've been

Hmm, I think I've been limiting myself because I feel my snacks have to be healthy, but I guess I can have treats like chocolate or crisps, too. They are great suggestions, thank you!

We can't get oatcakes here, but I remember them in England years ago! Perhaps I'll find something similar like a cracker or biscuit that's a good snack.

Thank you everyone, you have been very helpful and encouraging.


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Drizzle a couple field

Drizzle a couple field mushrooms with some kind of condiment (i use honey but obvs that not vegan- sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, etc. works well too). spray them lightly with olive oil then bake in the oven.

Heaps of protein, the olive oil is a healthy fat- all very healthy! Plus its a hot/warm snack so a bit more interesting than crackers or veggie sticks...

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Momma, now that sounds really

Momma, now that sounds really yummy! I think I'll have to get some good mushrooms after Easter when the markets are open again and try that. I used to love those big field mushrooms a long time ago! What a great suggestion, thank you!


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Lol, I wrote MMM not momma! I

Lol, I wrote MMM not momma! I wasn't trying to be overfamiliar with you lol!


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I tried the mushrooms! I got

I tried the mushrooms! I got some large fiield mushrooms and stuffed one with asparagus, garlic and onion and slices of tomato, then drizzled olive on and baked in the oven. It was delicious! Thank you so much for the suggestion!


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Hey Lea! Great thread. My

Hey Lea! Great thread.

My experience doing the BHM when I first started in 2012 was that I started introducing former binge foods as treats too early. I also kept trying to do partial structured-partial intuitive eating and just could not stop bingeing. I think I was trying to rush the whole process and did not realize that that was too advanced for me.

When I finally slowed it all down and went back to meals that didn't include feared foods, it helped me immensely. I used structured eating for those five months that I was abstinent, and I know that the goal is to progress to intuitive eating but for me it really was a much slower process than I would have expected. Then, I relapsed when one day I got famished when I'd been up since 3am for a drive and then my food just didn't last me all day and night. I didn't add an extra snack and I literally snapped like a hungry animal and binged. I was stunned that all of a sudden i was bp'ing after having no rocky moments for months and months.

That's only my experience and I am obviously not an expert. LOL I do second the other comments about eating more frequently than 3x per day. I would add (my own personal experience) of needing to be gentle with myself and patient in terms of reintroducing former binge foods. I did it too early last time and wasted a half a year or more without being able to put any days together of not bp. As I come back after a relapse, I am doing everything I can do to remove potentially challenging issues. For example, my snacks right now are healthy and that helps me not feel triggered. (I expect to have more treats when I am more stable, but I tried it too quickly before and it just made things harder for me.) Others I'm sure have different experiences; this is just what happened to me. So happy we are recovering together. Yay for no bp today. xoxox


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Asparagus AND mushroom??

Asparagus AND mushroom?? Genius! i havent even got that fancy with them, but glad you liked em!

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