Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday

Today is Super Bowl! A day for cheering on your team AND eating. Chips-Dip-Nachos-Chips-Guacamole-Chili-Garlic Bread-Chips-Barbecue Wings and did I mention CHIPS!! A bulimic's nightmare. BUT, interestingly I had very little trouble maneuvering through the day.
I don't know if it was because I was in charge of the menu supplying veggies and fruits for frequent return nibbles. The lean meats, cheeses and salad choices (no heavy mayo potato or macaroni salad options). Or not putting out the CHIPS and Dips!! Very wise choice. AND no one went hungry or seemed to miss the heavy carb-numbing fare!
Or it could have been I AM changing and I would have been ok no matter the food offered.
Even those yummy CHIPS!
Here's to growth.






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