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Support Groups in London

Does anyone know of any good support groups in London (preferably south London) rele struggling at the moment and feel I need some more support at the moment but not sure how to get it :s

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Dear Rose Sorry to hear you

Dear Rose
Sorry to hear you are struggling :(
And sorry i am in Australia and cant suggest anything, but feel me giving you a big support cuddle, im thinking of you! Send me a message if you need to
Lots of love, Katie :)


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Hi there, Im in London, if

Hi there,

Im in London, if you want to have a call or a drink or something to chat about it?
I dont know of any support group though sorry :(
Send me a message if you're interested

Lots of hugs, I'll send you positive thoughts today :D

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Thanks guys :) the support is

Thanks guys :) the support is much appreciated!! Brought a smile to my face reading your messages this morning!

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Hello, recently joined and

Hello, recently joined and found this post. I am in London and would love some support/encouragement/a buddy. Please do message me if you would like to get in touch.

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Hello to all, I am in London

Hello to all, I am in London too and happy to get in touch. Hey, if it goes like this it will turn out that we can create a small support group of ourselves here :) xx

Freckled Pony Flying

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Hi, I am from England and

Hi, I am from England and although I've not been to any groups and now live in Australia, a friend in the uk told me about the Overeaters Anonymous groups that run all over the UK. They focus on all kinds of eating disorders and help binge eating, I believe. Their website is and you can choose a meeting in your area.
I hope this helps


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