Support in Melbourne...anyone out there...?

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Support in Melbourne...anyone out there...?

Hi guys, I'm relatively new here although not new to Bulimia but am at least on a much better journey than I have ever been...I just want this damned thing gone - and now. But as we all know easier said than done, its 20 years of habit, emotions and general crap for me but at least I'm on a journey.

But I'd love to have a support buddy/buddies, particularly people that 'get it'.

For the first time in my life I've tried to step out of the shame and tell select people about my ED but to be honest they don't get it and I first of all don't have the energy (or the bravery) to teach them and I just shrink away as I get so little from the experience in helping me. Gorgeous people in my life but the problem when they don't understand (go for a walk they say...maybe just eat a little they say...)

Anyway, I'm in Melbourne and if anyone is interested in buddying up and offering help, support and just understanding I'd love to hear from you if you're happy to personal message me. I'm a great listener and a great nurturer so can offer lots back :)

Ironic as I tap this out I'm sitting here binging, shovelling handful after handful in - writing this to get better and stronger but descending into shame with each mouthfull - the dilemma and confusion of an ED. But I'm determined to no longer waste my money, time, health - and life any longer. If you get it and want to chat give me a shout. Thanks all and have a great day/night etc.

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Hey I'm in the same boat, in

Hey I'm in the same boat, in melb and I'd love a buddy too!
Rachel xo

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