Swollen arms and legs

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Swollen arms and legs

Hello, I am ame, and I am new to here.
I am having this terrible water retention thing going on for 2 days already. And my legs and my arms get really swollen that they kind of feel numb and my feet look like all the bones have disappeared. Also, I am extremely thirsty (my lips and skin are so dry) and it seems like what I drank stores in my legs and arms and I rarely have the need to go to the toilet. Obviously it's water retention and dehydration, does anyone have some tips that can reduce these symptoms?

Thank you very much!

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I suggest you go to a doctor

I suggest you go to a doctor asap... it's probably side effects of dehydration or too much salt but it could be an issue with your kidneys. I don't want to scare you! Edema is pretty common and rarely serious.

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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your advice. I'll be visiting my doctor tomorrow (I visit Chinese med doctor regularly coz of my Crohn's and even though she practices Chinese medicine, she usually have my blood and other stuff checked in a hospital), but if my symptoms get even worser, I will make a visit to another one today.

But thanks so much again for your advice, I really appreciate it.

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Hi Ame, The title of your

Hi Ame,
The title of your posting got my attention as my legs are often swollen too. But I found it even more interesting as I have Crohn's too! It happened a few times that I had to go to the hospital to get rehydrated. I don't know if you are at that point but I would suggest visiting your doctor ASAP especially if you drink a lot and still feel thirsty.
Take care!

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an update to my condition

Hi Nem,
Thanks for your generous advice =) and nice to meet you ^^ It's heart-comforting to meet someone who understands how it feels to have Crohn's and deals with it on a daily basis (I am living in Hong Kong and there are only around 30 Crohn's patients here, so it is kind of a rare disease in Asia, so sometimes it's a bit lonely to deal with it), I hope you are doing well with your Crohn's.

All the best,

After visiting my Chinese med. doctor and taking Chinese medicine twice a day for several days, my swelling body almost recovered 100% (I'd say the swelling still occurs in the evening, but slight compared with few days earlier). Taking Chinese medicine is troublesome, but sometimes some conditions and general well-being can be taken care of by Chinese medicine (though it takes time compared with normal drugs).

Anyway, I am feeling much better now. Thanks so much again for all the great information and heart-felt care >w<

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good to hear

I'm also having issues with swollen legs and my face feels puffy too...it's worse at night, but the past couple of days it has gotten better. I thought maybe cuz I was stuck on an airplane twice, and two road trips back to back in the past 2wks. but I hope its just simply edema, and not edema caused by some other major health problem.

For anyone else dealing with swollen limbs, here's some stuff I did to relieve my discomfort (it helped a little, I feel 70% back to normal)

- drink lots of liquid(room temp. water or decaf tea, not soda or juice or ice cold beverages), but try not to drink before bed
-avoid salty foods
-massage your legs, squeezing starting from the furthest point away from your heart, to the nearest lymph node
-elevate your feet when you sleep (slip a cushion under your legs)
-dont sit with your legs crossed
-do some workouts for your calves (it acts like a pump to get better blood flow in your lower body)
-soak in a hot bath

hope this helps!! xx

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I had this only last month

I had this only last month for the first time and was totally freaked out. At first i noticed shoes weren't fitting me comfortably and then when i actually took the time to look at my feet and from my ankles I was really swollen.
I desperately looked on the internet for what this could be/how to stop it. I'm pretty sure that with me it was a direct result of laxative abuse which had been happening a lot with stress leading up to an interview.
I stopped taking any pills and it forced me into eating/drinking regular amounts (but nothing salty) for around 2-3 weeks untill it went down.

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