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swollen face

Hi - so I know that swollen glands in the face are a normal part of bulimia and that the only way to resolve this properly is by stooping the b/p.....but I'm wondering if anyone knows and tops or tricks to try speed up the process??
I find this part of bulimia and recovery the most challenging and it really starts to get me down :s
Wishing everyone well in recovery!!

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I totally identify with this

I totally identify with this one! that was one of my biggest triggers, looking at my "chipmunk" cheeks. Always would lead me to restrict and of course, binging and purging again, viscous cycle. I suggest, try not to look into the mirror so much. I know that as we change, it can do us good to not focus so much on our appearance. I used to catch myself looking in store windows, going to restrooms all the time, just to make sure I looked okay. There was no good purpose in this. We are completely perfect no matter what our cheeks, our butt or whatever part of us looks like. Keep following the stages of recovery and you will see the swollen face go away. Your skin will brighten and what used to bother you will not be an issue anymore. The more we recover, the less we care about these things and we start loving ourselves more.

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This is one of my biggest

This is one of my biggest challenges in recovery. My entire neck, my glands, and under eyes are super swollen. It really gets me down and makes me feel so ugly. I don't recognize myself anymore. I never feel beautiful. I just try icing my face at night. I also try and drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. I think the biggest thing is just to take care of yourself. There no quick fixes unfortunately. I've tried them all. Only time and patience heals. It sucks but its the truth.

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Hello! I had this for a while


I had this for a while too! I had the most embarrassing experience when my anatomy teacher pulled me up in front of everyone in my class at Uni and said that I looked like a chipmonk with acorns in its cheeks :( Apparently he was demonstrating where the parotid glands were (we weren't even learning about that at the time so he was just being a jerk!).

Anyway, I started massaging my glads towards where they empty (towards my mouth) a few times a day and they slowly went down :) Now I can see my jaw line again (thank god!).

Hope that helps xx


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I have been purge free for 6

I have been purge free for 6 weeks now and my face is still as swollen as ever. My glands, my cheeks, under my eyes and even across the bridge of my nose are swollen and painful.
In the first few years of Bulimia the swelling would go down I a few days, then a week, then 2 etc. Now after 14 years of being a Bulimic every binge and purge seems to take longer to recover from. This is definitely the longest my face has stayed so swollen, I wonder if I have damaged my glands or something?!
I remember reading somewhere that it takes approx. 6 months after complete recovery from binging and purging for your body to regulate and readjust itself to run properly and efficiently. Kinda scary and shows how much damage we do ourselves by staying in this destructive cycle!

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This has been hard for me as

This has been hard for me as well. I saw a picture of myself the other day and it made me want too cry. My cheeks And nose are puffy and I can't see my jawline anymore . I've been purge free for 8 days now ... Hopefully I start seeing improvements .

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I am right w/ you girl! I

I am right w/ you girl! I hate how swollen and puffy my face is. I wish I could speed up the recovery process too. I haven't been b/p free for more than a few days at a time though so only time will fix this.. Does anyone ever get broken blood vessels in their face? I get them on my eye some times.

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I started this thread quite a

I started this thread quite a while ago when just starting out in recovery and really struggling with swollen Glands....it was a difficult and challenging but but since i've been purge free for a number of months the swelling has rele gone down and even other people have noticed a difference. A friend i hadnt seen in a while Actually asked me the other day if I've lost weight as it looks like I've slimmed down a lot in my face. I'm actually the complete opposite and have gained weight (which was needed, although still difficult to accept)....but was quite a suprise when he said it.
Honesty persevere and it will settle eventually :) I found mirrors very triggering, and photos Were just a no go....but that's fine. Just remember it's all temporary and part of the process :)

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I'm totally in this puffy

I'm totally in this puffy boat right now. I look awful and it really sucks. I can't imagine being called up by the teacher though. How terrible! I feel for you. I hope this won't last long. It's incredibly discouraging and makes me feel insecure.

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Yeah it was the most

Yeah it was the most embarrassing experience of my life!! The teacher was notoriously creepy (dated girls he taught etc) so most people just brushed him off as being an idiot, but I was mortified! Honestly massaging my glands towards my mouth (where they empty) and drinking lots of water really did help. It took a little while to go down (a few months) but they don't stay as big the whole time.

Jemima xx


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Jemima, I am glad it didn't

Jemima, I am glad it didn't distress you too much! That teacher sounds terribly slimy!

I'm happy to report that on day 3, my swelling has reduced considerably. I can still feel the gland on one side, but my puffy face has subsided a ton. I hope that helps anyone starting out in the process!


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