Swollen Glands

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Swollen Glands

Can someone tell me how long it takes for my glands to not be so freaking swollen. It has almost been four consecutive days- and they are still swollen.

Is this normal?

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My psychologist told me it

My psychologist told me it usually takes just a week of not purging for them to go down.

How exciting it will be if we can say we haven't purged for a week, and our faces will be slimmer and back to normal.

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LOL- Yah- it is exciting!!

LOL- Yah- it is exciting!!

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It takes me 2-3 full weeks of

It takes me 2-3 full weeks of not purging for my face to go back to normal. Its different for everyone though. Also depends of your diet and hydration.

I loathe my swollen glands :(

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Check this article out. Helpful!!


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wow, im glad someone else

wow, im glad someone else wrote bout this my glands have been freakishly big for almost a week. like they r so visible its horrible!!!!
i hate this

groovy chick
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Thank you for the link.

Thank you for the link.

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well try beating 14 months,

well try beating 14 months, thats how long i've been recovered and yet my glands are terrible

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Have you been to the doctor

Have you been to the doctor about this? it might be worth it? also, you should be proud of yourself for getting better. it's such an achievement, even if you do still have swollen glands!

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my glands seem to swell up so

my glands seem to swell up so easily these days, added by my back gums a bit as my wisdom teeth are almost through and if I purge, like I have today, they sweel up like a bitch too and take ages to go down.

My gum takes longer than my glands though, for me glands at most a week....guess different for everyone though.

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Great link! Definately

Great link! Definately provides motivation!

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Yeah I have, I actually gave

Yeah I have, I actually gave up with the doctor, there is clearly nothing he feels he can do for me, he reffered me to an ENT who did blood tests, ultrasounds, and it all came back fine. Like someone else said, I think my glands have become incredibly sensitive. But I have been reassured in various places that this will subside, it can take up to 2 years for glands to normalize after bulimia.

I did have a severe case of bulimia, i never used my fingers, and i would just eat for the sake of it and throw up, silly really

Some days i deal with it better, its just a constant reminder of my eating disorder which i would rather just forget.

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My face is swollen too...and

My face is swollen too...and I stopped binge eating and vomiting a month ago... I'm afraid that this will never get back to normal... How long does it take to get better, what should I do?? Is this forever??:(((((

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we all hav it

the glands being swollen is a key sign of bulimia as we all kno...i dont think non bulimics recognize it tho unless they r familiar w the disease n side effects n yet still it is not as noticeable to them as it is 2 us bc its on our face!!! mine usually take a cpl days 2 go down n i guess the face longer but i not really sure as i usually on good days only purge one to 2 times on bad days about 4ish....idk if thats alot or a little compared 2 everyone else...n some days none! but ive been tryin 2 detox off drugs n alcohol so not havin anything had triggered my ed!! :(

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I always have a puffy face. One benefit is that my weight cannot be monitored by how my face looks, so it is hard for people to tell (except for the nutritionist, damn weekly weigh-ins).

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Massage for swollen glands

Hey everyone,

I'm new here too...but I have some insight into the swollen parotid gland thing. My desire to see my face back at a normal shape and size is THE main motivator for me to overcome this beast. I used to b/p at least 5-6 times a day, but now have resolved myself (at least for now) to only doing it once a day. (I know, it's not abstinence, but I hope to get there eventually!!.) What I have found to be very helpful with shrinking my glands (the paratid glands below our ears) is massage and pressing on them hard for like, 15 seconds at a time kind of all throughout the day. This DOES really help, but I know it sounds strange. It's not a perfect technique and doesn't eliminate the swelling completely, but it can help them go down. For the past 4 weeks that I've been only bp'ing once a day and using the pressing/massaging technique, this has helped me see the nice face shape I KNEW was there, but was just so deformed due to the swelling. I don't know it this will work for others, and you've got to kind of make it a habit and make a conscious effort to do it. WHo cares if it's weird? No one will see you do it! I can't take looking like a freak anymore with this weird-ass Grinch-shaped face! One day at a time, being grateful and present in the moment and vowing not to be an old lady who dies alone with her bulimia! Peace to all...

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I just try to drink lots of

I just try to drink lots of water, put ice on my face (feels good), and pop some advil (with food of course)

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I dont think massaging the

I dont think massaging the glands help. the glands swelling is a natural response to damage or trauma. They are probably looking better because you are purging much less than you used to. Keep up the good work!

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Even though my gland still

Even though my gland still swell from time to time, they are alot better than they were 17 months ago when i was first starting recovery!

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my glandn have gone down

my glandn have gone down quite a bit since the bulimia is doing better. They are still swollen, but my cheeks DEFINITELY dont look so puffy, Two good days and a low sodium diet helps the cheeks.

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how long you been recovering?

how long you been recovering?

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I am in recovery after every

I am in recovery after every relapse I have- so i am in recovery every day.

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Even though i've been

Even though i've been recovered over a year and a half sometimes i wonder if somehow the acid is reaching my glands making them swell again. Like in my sleep, but i don't suffer from acid reflux or anything.

Having done research I think alot of the swelling is down to malnutrition alot of the time. Look at those kids in third world countries, they have swollen stomaches and faces


probably gland swelling.

I do actually find the swelling is worse when i do alot of walking or am exercising too much, or if i'm not eating as much. I have to walk everywhere, I dont drive and i refuse to pay bus fares as too expensive.

But I find putting on weight very difficult as I seem to have a very fast metabolism now!

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Swollen Glands

The gland swelling is normal, and there are a few ways to reduce the swelling (although if you do this daily, after a while your body will adjust and the swelling will become much harder to minimize).

As mentioned above, massaging and putting pressure on them does help.

Along with this, chewing gum can help. They swell because they've produced excessive saliva, and they're full. Everybody knows that awful feeling before you're about to vomit (naturally, not intentionally) when your mouth begins to water, right? That's your body producing saliva to create a protective layer in your mouth to counter the acid that's about the come up. When we purge, those glands go nuts and produce a ton, and then we stop purging, and it backs up a bit, so sucking candy or chewing gum will allow it to naturally release itself into the mouth.

Another method is heat and ice. You can use a heating pad, or dunk a washcloth in hot water and hold it against your face/neck, and then use ice packs to cool them. This works best when combined with massaging and pressure.

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