symptoms taking way to long to disappear?

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symptoms taking way to long to disappear?

Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone who is more than 3 months into recovery can help me solve what is happening to me ...

I have been b/p free since October 12th (with a minor relapse, which I dealt with and got back in track) ... I have obviously gained weight massively (plus, I have a serious condition of hypothiroidsm) and I have been dealing with weird side effects which I have read they disappear within the first couple of months, but mine are still going on.

I no longer feel bloated but I do have a massive fluid retention, my stomach feels stiff and I have these weird cramps in my uterus area, as well as stiffness. Also, since I have gained weight, my face looks fatter, I don't know if it is because of the fluid retention or if I have actually put on so much weight my face looks fatter than when I had my swallen bulimic glands. Also, haven't had my period since september ... isn't it supposed to come back once we star refeeding our body??

I am so confused and scared all this shall never pass, I am having enough trouble dealing with the weight gain and how my body looks now! If anyone wants to comment, please do! I am going crazy! Thank you


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Hey! Don't be scared. It's


Don't be scared. It's ok, it's normal for all these hints to happen. During my first year of recovery I had all sorts of crazy symptoms.

My hunk about it. For so many years we stop feeling! We numb our bodies in order to stay loyal to bulimia. If a normal person does what we do, eat so much and then force the body to vomit or to exercise to the point if exhaustion, they immediately feel sick and in pain. But we don't. We do all this things to our bodies and actually feel good and satisfied about them. This is because we have numbed our bodies to stop feeling. So we don't realize all the pain we are causing every time we do the things we do.

When we choose recovery, our body is totally confused. It's like a drug addict that suddenly has all the drugs removed. Suddenly we start feeling. We can actually feel our body and all the pain we've caused. And it's fair and normal for the body to take its time to readjust. It can finally relax and find its way to start working normally again. Digesting properly, moving properly and so on.

So we have to give it time. In my experience I had months of bloating and swollen face and feet. I felt larger for sure. And my stomach was ways hurting, as well as my throat. This was hard because it caused me to want to run back to my old behaviors when I didn't feel anything and was blind to my body.

But we have to keep up and trust once the body heals this all goes away! And it does, it really does.

Some things that help are drinking lots of ginger tea, especially with and after meals. Also, it helped me to walk softly after each meal. I also started doing a self massage with organic oils like coconut oil or sesame...put a little in your hands and massage your feet and every part if your body to help it relax and release tension. I also went to get massages helped me reconnect to my body and give it a break from all the pain it was going through. And breathing consciously after meals...breath breath breath and relax! It will all go away, as to did with me and all others in recovery. Give it time. Your are not broken, you're healing and in track!

And please ignore the image! I know the image's one of the main reason why we hate all these symptoms. Go beyond the image and repeat to yourself: I am recovering!!!

Love and light to your path :)


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Thanks Natalia for all you

Thanks Natalia for all you wrote. That's really helpful and encouraging.


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it took me 10 months in

it took me 10 months in recovery (still BP but much much much less) to get my period back.

anyway you should definitely see a DR. for your own peace and tranquility, and he might find out some mistakes u donĀ“t realize doing...



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So much damage is done to our

So much damage is done to our bodies through this disorder and many imbalances that it probably takes well over 6 months for our bodies to re-adjust and start acting normal again. Im 4 months b/p free and my bloated face is only disspearing now, my heartburn I still get although less severe and not as often, I get bloated still, mostly in the evenings, I often have stomach cramps etc. Be patient...think how many years you have abused your body, it will take its time slowly but surely to become healthy again.

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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Thanks for your replies! They

Thanks for your replies! They helped a lot! It's comforting to know that one isn't alone in this and that My body isn't broken, it's healing and trying to readjust. You're right! Almost a decade of bulimic behaviours and expecting 3 months to be enough time for it to go back to normal; it's just so hard to be patient! I hope , a year from now I am healthy and I have to be honest, I also hope my weight drops and goes back to what it was (I was never underweight) !!

Thanks girls! I feel better!


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