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Tackling the Day!

Hello all,

Just wanting to talk to someone about a stressful moment that should start any minute. The anxiety has led me to anger, joy, annoyance, joy, resolution, anger, frustration, fear, annoyance....

Someone else mentioned something similar here a few days ago. I'm trying to recover and wanting to take the days at my own pace and plan them according to myself as much as I can. I need to "care" for myself in ways other than purging, but it's an easy and "natural" go-to for me.

Here's the stress: My boyfriend is taking the afternoon from me. I'm so pissed! I don't want to give to the relationship anymore, because I feel like I give too much to it (and without sincerity) anyway. Too much money, too much body, too much emotion. But he is a genuinely smart and sweet man - the best I've ever found.

Anyway, I'm annoyed because it means my first two weeks in BHM, of rest, is being compromised already by work and now, on my weekend, by the boyfriend.

Grah! Just had to vent. Thanks for the ear :-)


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It was so fun and easy,

It was so fun and easy, today! Not sure why I was so stressed.

Thanks for the ear, all.


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Could you have a conversation

Could you have a conversation about the challenge of making time for yourself? Maybe get him involved so he can plan something else and give you a chance to rest by default?


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