Telling "her" or "him"--generational differences?

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Telling "her" or "him"--generational differences?

I recently started dating someone who was born in a different generation than me. I haven't yet told him about my ED, though I haven't been binging or binging/purging (or purging...) at all for the past few days. (I can't remember the last time I was able to stop my bulimia without even binging).

Anyway, my question is this: does generation make a difference to whether or not your loved one or partner will understand? I assume that people my age better understand EDs than people much older than, simply because these are relatively newly rampant disorders.

I would really appreciate any advice. He is 36, and I'm almost 22. Should I just use the guide for telling loved ones on this site?

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Hey lovely, in my experience

Hey lovely, in my experience people around my age get it. I think those that lived through really tough times ie wars & rationing etc might find it more difficult.
Im 34, my hubby is 38 next month, most of my friends have some grasp of it. All are sympathetic. The odd one hasnt handles it too well, but not anyone that I really valued & connected with.
Any one who truelly cares will work at understanding this.

Be brave hun, I believe sharig things like this make us stronger & give us more recovery resources!


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Hey there, Thank you for this

Hey there,

Thank you for this post. I have thought of telling some of my closest friends etc but have the same issue - they are a generation above me. I am 33 and a majority of the friends that seem to 'care' the most about me are 50 plus. I wonder how to tell them.

Did you tell the guy you are dating yet? if so please let me know how it went.

Thank you and sending you a big hug!

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