Telling your mum that you have bulimia

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Telling your mum that you have bulimia

I have been seeing a phycologist for awhile now, and at the start I was like there is no way I am telling my mum I have this because when I was younger she found out I was throwing up and all she did was get angry at me and send me to a doctor. She was very judgemental as I was a teenager and I could never talk to her. I have figured out now that ALOT of my issues have stemmed from her. In saying that, I dont blame her, I love her SO much and I would never want to hurt her. So I guess I thought I would post this and see what people have said to there parents and to see f anyone could relate to me with this??
Brooke :)

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Hi Hun I completly getting.

Hi Hun

I completly getting.

Few things I can offer:
1. Do you need to tell your mum? Do you need to tell her now?
2. When my mum is worried she gets really angry et me. Once I realised that her yelling at me is actually just her way of caring for me things completly changed. I now look and see if its justified and there is something concerning going on, or if she is just over reacting.
3. I no longer expect my mum to understand what I am dealing with. I think it's human to seek compassion from others. But sometimes I think my mum is not well placed to do that because she is my mum so she will always worry more than anyone else.

Hope this helps Hun,



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Hey Poppet! Its a sectret Ive

Hey Poppet!

Its a sectret Ive been hiding from her for 14 years. It feels like a massive rock in my chest anf its the one thing I know that holds me back in my life. I know with my recovery with my bulimia its going to be a big part in cleaning my body mind and soul so yes I do need to tell her. If its on my mind all the time then yes I do need to tell her. Now, you ask?? No, maybe not? I don't think I am ready yet, maybe I won't be ready for another year, I don't know?? All i know is that I need to tell her that how she was did affect me, she complains because she can't talk to her mum, and she complains because my two sisters don't talk to her, well I guess I just want to talk to her about why this may be the case, I feel shes a grown woman and she can handle what I have to say. She will always be my mum and maybe this is will a good thing for her to hear. It may upset her, it may make her angry, who knows what it may make her feel. But in the end,she will still always be my mum!!

Brooke....... I just don't don't what to say yet ha!!

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