'Thin models' in the media

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'Thin models' in the media

Everything is aware of ED's and the effect that the media has on people - women especially. I dont understand how the media continues to use skinny, 'perfect' models in adverts, manequins etc. I know there has been some improvement in the UK (Say no to size zero etc) and around the world but in my opinion its not nearly enough. I could be having a really good day and feeling confident about myself and then I see a tv advert of lads mag on the shelf with these perfect size 6 women and it makes me feel inadaquate again. I really wish the world got a grip and started to use normal size women. Even most 'plus sized' models (still only around size 10) are perfectly toned and hold their weight in exactly the right places. You dont see pear shaped models with a bit of cellulite and a few stretch marks do you?!

Sorry for my rant :)

Char x

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