Throwing up food from 24 HOURS ago?!

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Throwing up food from 24 HOURS ago?!

I sadly just purged. I was purging and I noticed that mushrooms and red peppers were coming out in big pieces. I ate those mushrooms and red peppers last night, a full twenty four hours ago. This doesn't seem normal. What's going on?

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Hi dear. this is how bad we

Hi dear. this is how bad we mess up our digestive system. I have the same thing and I am trying to normalize it. I dont know exact pysical reasons but its obviously we are not digesting right because of constant b/p. Lately I have this thin where I go to bed and in the AM its still in there and I've purged it b/c of the feeling and fear of it in there.. anyway im sure a lot of other peope can relate bc I've heard of this a lot. Idon't know.. the best t hing seems to be to stop purging..

dee, horsebackgirl

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It's called gastroparesis

It's called gastroparesis (aka delayed gastric emptying, impaired gastric motility)

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That's awful. I've only been bulimic for a year, and I've already screwed up my body this much?

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Im suffering from terrible

Im suffering from terrible gastroparesis as well. And i have been bulimic for 6 yrs now!!! Unfortuantely once u mess up your gastric muscles, which contribute to emptying, its nearly irreversible, even if you stop throwing up. However, it might help if you are recovering, to start eating very small portions, and avoid foods that require long extensive digestions examples are fiber containg foods

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But I'm pretty sure it wasnt

But I'm pretty sure it wasnt gastroparesis in the sense that I didn't have any of the other symptoms and since starting recovery my digestive system has really sorted itself out. If I'd keep food in in the past Id know I was feeling sick even up to a day later because it was still in my stomach, then I'd throw up and find I was right. But now I don't have that feeling at all anymore, so maybe yours could be something similar?x x

Here is an interesting article if you have issues throwing up after eating.

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your body wants to absorb the

your body wants to absorb the critical stuff first. its quickest to absorb fats and sugars and carbs since they carry a lot of energy. the high fiber low calorie foods are last to be broken down from stomach to intestines. if there was a lot of stuff in your stomach you may experience some delayed emptying.

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